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Lisa M Donaldson

#1 community centre

2010-11-09 17:03

we all have to pull together as a community not just the people from caol but also the surrounding areas, this is the place where myself and Eddie had our wedding reception and it holds a few fond memories with lots of people plus the lunch club for the old folks and the bingo has also been popular there for many years.
S MacDonald

#2 Save Caol Community Centre

2010-11-09 17:59

I'm struggling to comprehend how the Highland Council can justify their plans to close Caol Community Centre? It's such a valuable resource within the community for weddings, music venues, other celebrations but most importantly for some, an essential part of their weekly routine, e.g. for the elderly population of Caol and wider areas- which may be the only chance they have during their week to socially interact with other people and get out & about.
I for one, know how much my mother pays per month for her single occupancy council tax in FW- and I can assure you it's extortionately high in comparison to other parts of the country!!We now live in a society where people talk of 'value for money' but this leaves me concluding that the Fort William peole are getting a raw deal and that this needs to be urgently addressed. Taking it one step further, the Highland Council desperately need to sort out the High Street (or lack of High Street), do some simple research to find out what the local people 'really want and need' and get a strategy in place to make some changes- which I'm sure we all agree are long over due!!

Fiona MacColl

#3 This Council have dragged Fort William to its knees......

2010-11-09 19:19

Caol Community Centre is used not just by the residents of Caol, but by the entire population of Fort William. The Council seem hell bent on destroying this town - not approving planning permission for building of better facilities, no decent High Street shops that you see in other towns..... Let's get together and form our own political party dedicated to the regeneration of Fort William - it worked for the Fisherman on the East Coast!

sally molineux

#4 sally molineux

2010-11-09 20:36

Well done will spread the word

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2010-11-09 21:31



2010-11-09 21:32

I think it's absolutely shocking that the council are considering closing Caol Community Centre. As a venue used by the whole of the Fort William/Lochaber community it really begs the question where is safe from council cuts? A thought that came to mind however, should this go ahead, is there scope for the community to pick this up and for it to become a community run hall? Obviously ideally it would be great if the council changed their minds but it's just a thought. It would need a strong committee and such like but it’s an avenue that could maybe be explored. If the council are wanting rid of a building that’s costing them money then there may be scope for some negotiating there.
Charlie Innes

#7 The Reason?

2010-11-09 23:22

Does anyone know the reason for the forthcoming closure? I've yet to see anything written anywhere about it from any council representative. Has anyone spoken directly to anyone from the council? My gripe with all this is, there seemed to be enough money to do recent roadworks at Lochy Bridge, which is actually a disaster waiting to happen.
As soon as the tourists start using the new layout, there will be a lot of confusion.
It's a very bad design, and quite an unexpected change.
The new statue for the West Highland Way, nice as it is, how much did that cost, I wonder?

So to take away a much needed Community centre, is a total joke.
Taking the heart out of a town like ours, is just not on.
I've kept quiet on Facebook, and just watched this all unfolding, with disbelief.
If this petition helps in anyway, then I'm proud to be a part of it.
Marlene Wilson


2010-11-10 00:44

This is a disgrace, closing a Community Centre which is used so much.Many of the senior citizens who use the lunch club as a social event,will be housebound if this goes ahead, even Doctors recommend the use of the Centre for that reason alone.
The centre is used for so many differant functions and meeting.
Dedicated Staff with 25yrs service,being forced out,or re-located.WHERE!!!!!!!!

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2010-11-10 01:56

Anne Ross


2010-11-10 09:08

Can these councils really justify closing facilities which bring pleasure and company to so many people in the community.
Lorna Black

#11 Ms Lorna Black

2010-11-10 11:46

I have lived in Fort William all my life and in the past few years alone I have been at the Community Centre for various venues from weddings, christenings and other activities. This is part of OUR community and the Council need to think of other ways of saving money than taking out the heart of our small community!! It will be a very sad day if the Council allows the Community Centre to close.
Edward Donaldson

#12 Save our Centre

2010-11-10 12:58

The council should rethink,this centre is used by many folk not only in Caol but by Fort William folk as well.Also the old must be able to make cuts elsewhere..THINK, THIS IS THE CENTRE OF CAOL,DONT RIP THE HEART OUT OF OUR VILLAGE.IT IS ABOUT TIME WE HAD OUR OWN COUNCIL BACK IN FORT WILLIAM,NOT CONTROLED BY INVERNESS,IT WONT AFFECT THEM....................


#13 Re: Save our Centre

2010-11-10 13:55

well said dad.

#14 Re: The Reason?

2010-11-10 13:56

well said charlie
Julie Ferguson (Banana)

#15 Who says?

2010-11-10 15:56

This is absolutely ridiculous and who actually thought of this idea in the first place. YOU all must ask these councillors who and why - YOU voted them in YOU need to ask the questions YOU need to let them know that YOU can and will vote again.....

This facility is of such value and so widely used by so many for all sorts of different things - WE must not let it close.
Margaret Welsh

#16 Caol Community Centre

2010-11-10 21:19

Please sign this petition a lot of elderly people depend on this .
Margaret Donaldson


2010-11-10 22:03

Come on Folks we are all growing old. One of the main uses of the centre is for the elderly to get together and have a chat. This is the only place that they can go to have a day out and reflect on old times with each other, therefore it must stay open. It would be disheartening to see it close so please sign the petition.
Jordin Sladek

#18 Save

2010-11-11 01:01

Save this centre for the sake of all the residents.
Aileen Duncan


2010-11-16 10:06

It is a cog in a big wheel, and will be a massive loss for the community as it is used for christenings, weddings and funerals and parties. Plus the old folk have their lunches there. Such a shame.
joe wilson

#20 we will win

2011-01-18 22:10

i am a user of this fantastic lunch club, it has been a great boost for me as i have diabetes, since i have started i have managed to control my diabetes and eat proper meals, simply because i cant cook, my doctor is very pleased with my weight loss and i feel so much better for it. so between proper meals,insulin and medication, and please dont forget the staff who work really hard we have to fight this fight for the good of all

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2011-05-25 01:03


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