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2014-10-07 03:19

What does AHS think they are doing? Many unhappy people and stressed employees. Think again about what you are doing.



2014-10-07 03:22

We need to save these labs. Our city is to big to run on one lab



2014-10-07 04:10

This is absolutely rediculous. Why bring more traffic to one location when all three locations are just enough already!



2014-10-07 04:36

There is already a huge line to get work done And never any parking at the hospital.



2014-10-07 04:43

This is very sad. These labs have brought outstanding service to the residents of Medicine Hat forever. Not happy!,,



2014-10-07 04:56

totally parking at the costs to park there which is also ridiculous.....too far to walk for too many people.....they just renovated the lab on 7th Street which must have cost many many thousands......the staff there are awesome and doing great jobs.....what the heck is Alberta Health thinking of yet again?  



2014-10-07 06:07

This is a great cause



2014-10-07 06:36

This would be absolutely terrible for the people of Medicine Hat, turning a quick trip to the diagnostic lab into an hour long shmozzle for most people plus the cost of parking, which SOME PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE. Decisions like this really impact people and should not be taken so lightly. The clinic has been doing a good job exactly where it is. Why should we make, for example, single moms with 3 kids and no parking money trudge 6 blocks in the snow to drop a sample or have blood taken, not to mention senior citizens who are on fixed incomes and people with handicaps who have limited support systems. I'm sorry, but you have to think about how this will effect everyday people for such routine serviced to become difficult to access like that. It's unlikely to really save the city any money and will only cause problems for citizens, suddenly something you could do on your lunch break takes half the afternoon and you miss time at work. Or maybe if you are a person with depression or anxiety you just never make it to the clinic at all because now the whole idea of it has become totally overwhelming. It might sound stupid to someone who has never had to deal with things like this, but these are the issues facing lots of ordinary people. Leave it alone.



2014-10-07 06:49

AHS has made some decisions in the past that would make one question why we have people like this in positions of power. The decision made today to close all these labs has only confirmed the lack of intelligence, ethics, and compassion of these people. One can almost be assured that not a single one of them has ever stepped foot or worked in a lab to actually experience the dynamic of their daily operations. These labs are essential to our healthcare. Many people with families will lose their jobs as well. And what is the end result. Huge lineups at hospitals with poor access with limited or no parking, trained professionals without jobs, and CEO's with huge raises. I can only ask politicians and bureaucrat; where is the common sense in this?



2014-10-07 07:06

It would be a very bad move to close the lab.As one person mentioned what about the loss of the jobs? The waiting time would be double the time it takes now.There is the possibility of spreading disease to the patients in the hospital and the people that  come to get bloodwork are also at risk .There is not going to be enough parking at the hospital,and I cannot see one good thing come of closing the labs.



2014-10-07 07:11

I just want to point out that the staff at the Diagnostic Lab are not AHS employees. The lab is a privately owned company. I'm glad people are signing the petition but I am dismayed that people are talking so much about parking problems when 70 people are going to lose their jobs!



2014-10-07 10:27

More thought and planning needs to go into any decision where people's jobs are at stake, ( planning,planning,planning)



2014-10-07 12:15

It's not just going to affect employees at the labs, but patient care. Health care is suppose to care about the welfare of patients, not how to c ut corners and save a few bucks. Our labs are necessary to stay open in our community. We have provided excellent services for 40 yrs.



2014-10-07 13:59

Please sign !!!!



2014-10-07 14:37

Parking and lab space alone will make this change a nightmare. Consolidate if you must but NOT at the hospital.



2014-10-07 15:05

The Hospital already has the longest wait times for blood work, it's just gonna get worse if the other labs shut down!!!


#17 don't close the labs

2014-10-07 15:16

keep the labs open please!



2014-10-07 15:32

This is my go to clinic. I drive across town because the service is always so wonderful and fast. To move to the hospital would be insane!!! There is no parking and it's so slow I can't imagine with a back log of another 1000+ people how much worse the hospital issues are going to be!!



2014-10-07 15:33

Imagine the wait times!



2014-10-07 15:46

Moving MHDL will result in a disaster!!! No place to park/pay to park!!!! Longer line ups. More wasted time. Will be like trying to get into ER!!!



2014-10-07 15:46

I don't think AHS has thought this out to be very cost effective! They sit in their beautiful offices with their substantial wages and make decisions which impact the public and all employees. Alberta was a wonderful province to live but these kind of decisions will force people to leave. Great that we are in the midst of a hospital expansion but with that being said now the Medicine Hat Diagnostic Lab is being phased out. Going backwards instead of going forward. Next will be Blair and Stubs as they offer duplicate services, have computers etc. dumbest thing I have ever heard. 70 employees is a huge number to be affected by this position! AHS give your jobs up for these people. What do you think of that. Some are single income them retain their jobs. A very concerned citizen!


#22 Re:

2014-10-07 15:50

#11: -  




2014-10-07 16:02

This is absolutely unacceptable. I don't believe sending patients to the hospital lab will be the best thing for the patient. Wait times and parking are already TERRIBLE. Will the hospital hire the lab techs to absorb the extra workload? How long will it take for results to be delivered to my doctor? I have serious concerns about this decision. AHS is not thinking about the patients here.



2014-10-07 16:14

We need to save our Diagnostic Imaging Labs in Medicine Hat. Not only are we going to lose job, those people are great at what they do. If they move everything to the hospital, the wait times are going to be unreal, what about seniors, and even younger people who have disbilites or who have a hard enough time getting to our current labs and now there expected to go to the hospital that already has limited to no parking. For those that have to go for blood work on a continuel basis, I cant imagine how you feel. You have to pay for parking, at the risk of getting a ticket because you don't put enough money in a meter because your held up to long waiting at the lab at the hospital. This would even be if you can find a parking spot. I hope everyone Alberta wide gives serious consideration come election time. 



2014-10-07 16:55

Medicine Hat is too busy and the hospital is too busy to have the Diagnostic Lab centred there. Moving it to the hospital will inconvenience hundreds if not thousands of people in Medicine Hat, especially the elderly, many of whom are living in the present area of the labs. Why is it the government has so much money to blow on stupid, ridiculous and frivolous projects, but when it comes to something as simple as leaving the labs where they are, they fail?

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