Protect your country and Europe against immigration

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2015-08-19 10:16

Immigration must be stoped soon.



2015-08-19 14:03

Uncontrolled immigration is a problem - if the EU imposes more immigration to the UK without giving us relief from the numbers we currently receive then we cant cope.



2015-08-19 14:16

this little island just cannot cope we haven't got the infrastructure and we most certainly don't want ISIS here



2015-08-19 15:30

the county's over crowded and our infrastructure can't cope, we really can't keep taking more people into this small Island, before long we will be a concrete jungle with no green space left



2015-08-19 17:29

Because Islamic immigration is getting way out of hand, l fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.



2015-08-19 17:35

I feel like a foreigner in my own country and tired of us having to change things to suit the immigrants, might be better trying to help these people sort out their own country so we can have ours back,



2015-08-19 18:29

Islam is an ideology that promotes rape, murder, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. Every country moslems immigrate to becomes a cesspool of crime and upheaval. Moslems don't assimilate, they infiltrate and impose sharia law. Sharia law has no place in a civilized society.



2015-08-19 21:09

We don't want any more immigrants into my beautiful country, the muslim refugees are not brought up to respect femails, so rape is on the increase. I have three grandaughters under three, I can not sleep at night worrying about their future.



2015-08-21 17:34

I signed because we want all migrants stop comeing into my country and we also wish to leave EU so we can make our own laws that can give us the right to remove any migrant or evel moslem out of our country



2015-08-22 06:46

I am in favor strongly of Europe staying ethnically and traditionally European. Europe is the only continent being flooded with foreigners who aren't of their race, but also being forced to embrace it and finance it. You wouldn't expect China or Asia to take in millions of Africans or expect Arabic nations to take in millions of Christians and support them, etc.



2015-08-22 13:49

It has long been my view that European politicians are just spineless cowards afraid to use all resources at their disposal to protect European citizens. Shame on them.

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2015-08-22 14:59



2015-08-22 18:36

I support true European values.



2015-08-23 09:15

the government gives 40€ for an adult every day and 29€ for each child. that makes for a family with 2 children 2760€ untaxed money every month, calculating this on 20 working days in wich they do nothing. we actually do work 20 days or more each month and after taxes we might be lucky to get between 1100€ and 1900€ if you get a good paid job. stop giving money to the people that are golddiggers of the welfaresystem



2015-08-23 12:51

Immigration with a perpose = ok ,
What Europe doesn't need is a hord of low -educated muslim immigrants . We have enough of those already



2015-08-23 21:39

In all the European countries were the migrants want to go, some local people dont have a house to stay, for instance in Germany some people earn only 6 euro/hour, while the migrants get a house, eating, and money. Certain countries have really much problem with migrants. When migrants say that their neighbour countries dont help, that is a lie, the neighbourcountries such as Libanon give help to many Syrian people.
Also the problems that we have already with radical muslims will increase
In all details are given why we must not accept this immigration



2015-08-24 07:17

If we don't there is no future for our children.



2015-08-24 12:57

stop migration now stop stop stop !!!



2015-08-24 18:26

because we must stop the islam



2015-08-25 10:30

Because I see all our values taken down to harbor people who want to take control of our society. We have to show tollerance to people who have non



2015-08-25 15:21

because is not difficult to foreseen the conequences of this madness



2015-08-25 16:16

because I am afraid that my children and grandchildren have no future when this does not stop



2015-08-25 18:11

Europa zit vol.



2015-08-26 08:54

Genoeg is genoeg.geen immigratie meer!!



2015-08-26 11:40

islam is NOT a religion islam IS A CULT !