Save teddy from being put down

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2016-03-20 09:12

This is an injustice



2016-03-20 09:16

I hope you get Teddy back.. Beautiful dog. So wrongly accused



2016-03-20 11:01

Its a totally wrong in just decision we are not barbarians and we are a civilised society and we do not do things like that



2016-03-20 12:34

Because I am English and believe in justice.



2016-03-20 13:47

Because we should only be punished for the things we do not the things we might do,



2016-03-20 14:10

You don't kill your friends.



2016-03-20 14:18

The dog is a family pet who hasn't done anything wrong I believe it's how you bring a dog up how its temperament will be photo of dog with the children shows this is a family dog with a great bond and love and should not be separated from family I have an American bulldog she is my baby I would be heartbroken if outsider came and judged my dog like this one what happened to innocent until proven guilty stereo type people this dog hasn't even drew blood



2016-03-20 14:37

The dog has done no wrong and I strongly object to an unelected and untrained magistrate making such a decision, a decision that is against specialist advice and quite possibly based on his own bias. We are seeing too much of this type of interference.



2016-03-20 14:59

Crazy to put this dog down !!



2016-03-20 15:19

Because dogs shouldn't be branded bad just because of the breed, he deserves to live!



2016-03-20 15:31

Cos I'm a Dog Lover



2016-03-20 17:38

This should not happen to this loving family pet ! He is not just a dog , he is part of the family !!



2016-03-20 17:54

We love dogs to us he looks a nice dog the child will miss him so hope and pray it will go okay regards Elaine bird



2016-03-20 17:56

It would be a complete injustice if Teddys not allowed home



2016-03-20 19:35

Because I do not believe that dog poses a danger



2016-03-20 21:41

Teddy is not a pit bull only a similar type, Teddy is a family dog who deserves to be with his loving family.



2016-03-21 00:52

This is a family pet.
He has done nothing wrong.
Good luck i hope he is released back to his family very soon



2016-03-21 08:52

Because I think that something very ridiculous and dangerous is happening there. Why take away a nice dog away from his owner and his daughter for no reason. Can you keep a fog savely in the UK, safe for the government. It is out of your mind and 'barking mad'.



2016-03-21 09:25

Because Teddy needs to go and be home right now and already. He should never be taken away from his family. This is "barking mad". Who caused this situation must be as mad and mean and an idiot too, authority ( official) or not.



2016-03-21 11:18



2016-03-21 12:23

Why would you put down a living thing that has done no harm. How is this even possible? Please let Teddy live...he loves his family and his family loves him. The focus should be on people who harm animals.



2016-03-21 14:12

So terrible all these dogs being taken from their families! Teddy doesn't even look like a pit bull! Crazy!



2016-03-21 15:04

Because the bsl law is an absolute joke and this poor dog needs to be back home with the family that absolutely adores him and he them!!



2016-03-21 15:36

This dog like many other is not dangerous



2016-03-21 18:53

Not all dogs are vicious