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2012-04-18 15:34

Viva Mancini



2012-04-18 17:05

Respect the man



2012-04-18 17:44

He is the man, our man, for the future of this club, he has changed the whole mentality of the players completely, he is happy here, he wants to be here, we want him here... It's a good fit. Given time he could be our ferguson!! How much would they hate that...Take us to the top and keep us there - Forza Mancini


2012-04-18 18:35

Roberto is an unsung hero and will be for the money he has spent on our quality squad, most people are stupid to think that so many new faces no matter how good or how much they cost can play like a top European team in such a short space of time.
What we have done since Roberto has been here is amazing and stuff most City fans thought would not happen in their life time. Times are changing and as long as Roberto Mancini is our manager we will challenge and carry on progressing as a club. IN MANCINI WE TRUST!



2012-04-18 19:35

C.T.I.D!!! :)


2012-04-18 20:39

Mancini has given us the type of football we need to compete in world class football, and beleaf
in ourselves to succeed.


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2012-04-18 21:47

#48: -  

 what cck



2012-04-18 23:38

Great job so far Roberto, Rome wasnt built in a day, Forza Mancini



2012-04-19 01:37

We don't need no Guardiola, we don't need no Mourinho,
Oi, Khaldoon, leave our Bob alone!

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2012-04-19 15:08

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 Piss off back to London



2012-04-19 15:11

Respect Roberto! Steady progress! That's what its all about. Ctid!

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2012-04-19 15:36



2012-04-19 21:24

Forza Mancini!



2012-04-19 22:05

We should hand him a contract extension, provided he wants it. Continuity is the way to success.


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2012-04-19 22:07

#48: -

Yeah, taking the FA cup off you lot last season and running you to the wire for the PL this season is a really crap showing. Moron.



2012-04-19 22:52

Save our Roberto.



2012-04-19 23:15

Roberto Mancini has got to stay. There is unfinished business at MCFC and he is the best person for the job.



2012-04-19 23:16

Best manager City have ever had besides Rome was not built in a day (Respect)



2012-04-19 23:43

Actually guys, I'm a Villa fan, but I'm with you all the way on this one.



2012-04-19 23:54

Stick with Roberto. Let's not go to the bad old days of 'manager merry-go-round'.



2012-04-20 01:15

We love bobby manc!! <3



2012-04-20 01:25

Top Manager who has turned the club around, never have we played such exciting football and never have their been more genuine footballing heroes who kids can look up to knowing they won't be steered wrong and its all thanks to one man. Led us to much success and deserves our full support. Come on Mancini!



2012-04-20 02:24

Even if Mourinho becomes available I urge City to keep Mancini. Mourinho's teams play successful but dour, ugly and unsporting football, whereas City under Mancini have played exciting and attractive football, while largely maintaining a fair and gentlemanly conduct.


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2012-04-20 02:31

#101: -  "Bobby Manc" brought us our first Trophy in 35 years. Bring Bobby back to allow him to finish what he started; let him bring home an EPL trophy for the Blue Half of Manchester, help us progress out of the Champs League group stages and gain much-deserved respect for our beloved Club, Players, and City. He's built a brilliant team with a bright future, and we the fans believe in him.




2012-04-20 09:45

It's easy to forget how far we have come, as a team under Roberto, we must carry on with his vision,for the future.