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2016-06-28 08:57

SOS Sheeplands is a great local asset. At a time when West Berks are cutting money and closing libraries and school bus provision, for them to be wasting money on trying to close down a garden centre is not just deplorable, it shows WBC as being both vindictive and incompetent. I'm a floating voter and will remember all this when the next local elections come up.



2016-07-30 23:12

It is a pleasure to visit Hare Hatch Sheeplands and it would be a great loss to the community if it should close.



2016-07-31 09:33

I and my friends want to continue shopping at an independently run business which cares about its customers and offers us great advice and a choice of goods rather than only have the likes of Wyevale where every single garden centre is the same



2016-08-13 10:28

Because it's an excellent business bringing jobs and services to the community.



2016-09-14 19:40

I love shopping at this wonderful garden centre/nursery. I remember it 20 or more years ago and it has added to the local area a great deal. It would be a travesty if it were to close. It's a shame WDC give planning for so many new houses on green belt land in the Shinfield area but are worried about this small centre!!



2016-09-19 14:05

So as to try to keep a good business going it's always a pleasure to visit this site



2016-09-27 11:18

The community needs to retain the excellent service that Sheeplands provides for its many customers. We would lose a wonderful amenity, if this facility were to be closed down.

Mildred and Peter Warren.

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