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2014-01-16 14:55

fair play joe,lets never forget the suffering of our people,at the hands of the brits,through out or history,and never let revisionists,take the stand and tell us our view of irish history is wrong,confront them at every oppertunity,the truth is right,THE FOOLS THE FOOLS THE FOOLS.ONE FLAG ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE.




2014-01-16 17:17

Just admit it!!



2014-01-16 22:09

Get the truth out!!



2014-01-16 22:18

You should not hide the truth. For it was genocide and, alas, not the first one in Irish history.



2014-01-16 22:56

I feel it is a very good cause for bringing out the truth.



2014-01-16 23:19

The truth needs to be written in history books, enough lies already told, our children and future generations need to know the TRUTH !!!!!!!!



2014-01-17 03:23

The truth needs to be told. Those of us who several generations removed from our Irish homeland want the facts.



2014-01-17 07:33

I feel its about time that it should be taught in schools. The real story!! It should be called the holocaust also.



2014-01-17 09:57

The idea that there was a famine in Ireland in 1845-1850 is something that originated under British rule. It was a convenient means by which British historians could facilitate the abrogation of the state's responsibility for the catastrophe. There was a crop failure but the the prevailing free market and anti-Catholic ideology that dictated the state's response and the associated military actions in protecting food exports at the time made what began as a natural disaster into a genocidal event. It is one of the most formative events in our nation's history and it is time that the Irish - now an independent nation - began to correct this British-inspired narrative. We owe it to a past generation which was almost wiped out by the event, we own it to our current generation which has been kept in ignorance by this British narrative, and we owe it to future generations who need to know why their ancestors suffered in the way they did.



2014-01-17 12:12

genocide is genocide. pretty words can't hide what it was.



2014-01-17 12:18

What the English done was murder millions of Irish men, women & children, in world war 2 the SS were made 2 pay for what they did 2 the Jews, this is no different.


2014-01-17 13:35



2014-01-17 15:14

No person should fear the truth



2014-01-17 16:03

I think it,s a great idea,because that,s what it actually was.In fact it was the Irish Holocaust ! though some people think(not I)is too much.



2014-01-17 17:49




2014-01-17 18:48

Dear God my Lord and Savior (WHY). I know why the British Army of the day on the direct orders from the British Government of the day root cause of well over 1 million death's of the native Irish people of the day by deliberate starvation by simply ordering their British army of the day to steal all the Irish people's food. (MASS MURDER IRISH HOLOCAUST



2014-01-17 19:18

Tiocfaidh ár lá



2014-01-17 20:10

Will the Irish make common cause with the Native Americans and African Americans at last?
Joe Canning

#44 Re:

2014-01-18 15:38

#34: -

Thanks for the comments. I agree with all you say. I would also state that our own children in Irish schools are being lied to by an Irish curriculum and politicians are ignoring the terrible fact.



2014-01-18 17:32

Honesty in print, maybe one day.



2014-01-18 22:35

My family came from Navan near Kells. I understand that we found them because they were listed in a register of those who would deny their faith in order to get soup to save the family's lives.
Before my second great grandfather and his younger brother came to the U.S. the oldest 2 sons (their brothers)in the family took a boat to the Americas and were never heard from again. I suspect it was a "coffin ship" headed to the mouth of the St. Lawrence river in Canada and that they died either in passage and are in the sea or on arrival and are in the mass and unmarked graves. Yes, we need to call it as it was, genocide.



2014-01-18 23:46

It is about time people realised what really happened



2014-01-19 01:41

I never knew why my family HATED th English so much. From what I learned they had EVERY REASON, to feel th way they did! Lets make this public, and make it no longer a dirty little secret. Too late to make th perpetrators pay, but nevertheless it's a good thing to hav it out in th open for the world to see.



2014-01-19 03:43

The truth shall set you on fire



2014-01-19 05:32

I have known this for years and told anyone that would listen.Besides correcting history books I think it is also very important that the British government take responsibility for their predecessors crimes against humanity regarding the Irish genocide.I also don't think it is too late to take before the courts.Britain should,in some way,be forced to pay restitution to the Irish nation.May I also say that the name "the great hunger" does not justify what happened any more than "the great famine" does.It was "Genocide".Plain and simple.

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