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2014-01-19 16:06

Celts, please come back home. We need you here. No need for you to waste your life on the fundamentally wrong continent of North America when we do have such a beautiful country over here. We need to get our Ulster back and build our Celtic Federation with the Picts, Bretons, Welsh, and Mansch. Failte!



2014-01-19 18:54

A disgusting and unforgivable atrocity. I can't find words to describe the sadness, anger and distrust at the British Crown and government. The government of today may not be personally responsible but they are responsible for the cover up. Is this how you intended to maintain Éire? I grew up wondering what made men join the likes of the IRA. Now I truly know.



2014-01-19 20:18

At last a movement aimed at correcting the great lie. Anyone, especially those with Irish roots, should declare their belief that our ancestors were the victims of a planned programme of starvation. No longer shall we accept the old lie, that the failure of the potato crops caused the million deaths. It was part of an Imperial policy to deprive the people of food while bribing the youngest males to populate English armies in foreign adventure. Starving masses rarely fight back nor ask for the return of their lands, nor a vote nor a future.

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2014-01-19 20:20

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I understand fully why my own father took up arms, albeit in a futile attempt in 1939, resulting in him spending 10 years in Peterhead Prison,



2014-01-21 17:21

I am Irish. My ancestors had to come to America as slaves and some because of the Haulocaust. I think everyone should know what England did to our ancestors. It was wrong and is not even common knowledge in America.


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2014-01-21 17:24

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I wish I could come back.  It will take me two years of saving just to go over there on vacation.  I have dual citizenship, but I have children who are married.  It isn't possible to move, but I wish it were.



2014-01-22 16:59

The truth should be told..



2014-01-22 17:08

Time to expose it for what it really was, so that history should never repeat itself. From a proud Irishman


#59 Re: Irish "Great hunger

2014-01-22 17:49

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Hi, Totally agree . The world should know. The politicians that don't want to know should be made to listen. Thank you for your support. Please continue sharing ang ask your friends and family to consider it also.  God Bless..  Joe. C. Admin team.



2014-01-22 21:36

A piece of irish history that needs to be told !!



2014-01-22 21:47

This makes me heart sick knowing that good Irish people where treated this way.When all they wanted was a better life!And where denied it.



2014-01-24 15:10

It wasnt a famine the food was taken by the british goverment to feed there armies and Irish died there was enough food in this country at the time



2014-01-24 18:56

Genocide crimes are reconized in every part of the world from Rwanda to Poland, and these rightly make it on to TV where the true nature of what happened is explained. I think the People of Ireland and the world have and deserve that right to too. I would now like the british state to accept their actions, and apoligise to the people of Ireland.



2014-01-24 22:18

In God's name impress on all your family and friends to stop referring to the deliberate starving of Irish people as a "famine".



2014-01-24 23:07

It was genocide not famine.
Joe Canning

#66 Famine,what famine? please share the petition

2014-01-24 23:28

...Trevalyn's Apathy............................... By Joe Canning
Ye sat in your English mansions
Ye sipped your French Champagnes
Ye calculated costs of crops
Ye ignored our dying wanes
Ye drove the people of this land
Into their death abyss
Ye watched them die along the road.
In stench and dirt and piss
Ye laughed and read your London Times
Ye checked your stocks and shares
Whilst just across the Irish sea
Ye ignored the death filled stares
Trevalyn as ye rot in hell
Your shame stays with your kin
This world must hear
This world must know
The truth of Britain's sins
And those that shared your murderous ways
Rot with you this fair night
Know God caressed the Innocents
As the devil holds you tight.

Written for the millions who died by Trevalyn's evil policies against my people and the callousness of his cohorts.

By Joe Canning. All rights reserved.



2014-01-25 01:19

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Let the people know the truths



2014-01-25 11:21

I hope and pray that this attrocity gets the coverage around the world it deserves and that england pay for what they have done to the irish and the scots for centuarys .. Let the truth be told ... God Bless Ireland and God Bless Scotland ..



2014-01-25 17:06

British policy is well known criminal enterprise for centuries and centuries, to this day



2014-01-25 23:00

Please sign this petition, I did. It is so important that the truth should be heard.



2014-01-26 16:01

Romania's Ceaushescu did the same thing with Romanians in the '80s.



2014-01-26 17:37

it was genocide, pure and simple, this should be put in every history book so the world knows the truth !!!!



2014-01-26 18:46

I am a student of History in UL and the terms and Gorta mor and the great hunger are in use at thaty level.



2014-01-26 19:03

4X-great-grand-daughter of Bridey McGivern and Stephen Patrick Murphy who fled to Pennsylvania USA from County Wexford Ireland during the so-called "Famine". I am signing this petition in the hope that it will result in the truth being brought to light for all the people of the world to understand what we Irish have always been taught by our ancestors.



2014-01-27 03:50

we want the truth

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