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This discussion topic has been automatically created of petition WHEN GENOCIDE BECAME "FAMINE" : IRELAND, 1845 - 1850.



2015-11-09 22:16

I am of Irish heritage, and this is important to let the truth be known about my ancestors.



2015-11-11 18:32

I'm one of the lucky few whose direct descendants survived the voyage away from disaster to Canada!



2015-11-12 19:13

Because the truth has to be fought for!



2015-11-13 05:11

The truth should be known,for justice to the Souls that suffered and died.



2015-11-17 18:49

I'm 73, and the story was passed down the generations. GParents b. 1863. Parents b. 1904.



2015-11-18 22:10

It was a Holocaust not a Famine.



2015-12-01 17:10

My family were lucky. The managed to find safe passage out of Ireland. Millions of others were not so lucky. A cruel and heartless government stood by and watched the people starve. And. While this was going on. Ireland continued to export food. It was not famine, it was murder.



2015-12-01 18:32

Because the truth must be told



2015-12-02 12:37

Yes it was Genocide as there was plenty to be shipped out of the country



2015-12-03 09:10

I signed because there was no famine it was genocide organised by the British government and I accuse them individually and collectively for this crime!



2015-12-11 15:02

Half of my ancestry is the Irish. The Great Hunger is what accounts for most of our presence in America. It was not an unfortunate accident that there was no food. And the world should recognize that.



2015-12-11 15:15

The prejudice was & is real. "Why?" is beyond me. It's a stain.



2015-12-17 20:25

The British government is particularly unapologetic for, & dismissive of it's terrible actions against Ireland and beyond, both 900 years ago, today, and any time in between. This is a demand that history be told truthfully so the British government & the rest of the world can begin to recognize it's current and past crimes.



2015-12-19 02:48

Because I have read the history and the stories in this History?...it does not make sense. Nothing was ever mentioned that the british lords took all the land and farms from the irish, and all the grains where sold elsewhere. so, yes, the so called Famine was in fact a genocide.



2015-12-20 19:26

I love Ireland so much; especially the glorious traditional history, especially of rural Ireland, and the most beautiful natural environment especially the wild coast cliffs and bogland. The Genocide was to rob the Catholic Irish of their land and most of all, to destroy Irish Catholic Church and as many Catholics in Irish/Europe, especially since the genocidal Illuminati-led Oliver Cromwell's rampage in Ireland and the equally violent French Revolution, in the most evil but real enough plot by Zionist Rothschild-led Illuminati plot.



2015-12-22 21:23

It is unforgivable this atrocity is being brushed under the carpet like so many others undertaken by the British. Well done to the organisers.



2015-12-22 23:41

I signed this petition as an act of historical rectitude. Ireland underwent
this horrific iniquity as a result of imperialist domination by a vastly
superior, morally compromised power. Somebody should tell this sad
story to the empire-loving Niall Ferguson next time he waxes nostalgic
about the glories of the British Empire. His American admirers in the
academy, the corporate owned press and NPR should also take note!



2015-12-26 04:02

time for the world to know the truth and for UK to admit it



2015-12-31 14:12

The Irish Government and English governments must correct what has been done to our ancestors by owning up to the sins of the past and acknowledging the abuse including the IRISH SLAVE TRADE. 2016 will be a year of pride for us as well as a year to honor and remember those abused in the past.



2016-01-06 12:01

It had affected my husband's family. My grandparent in law had to leave Ireland to go to the US because of survival. But there his body caught on fire while working on a contruction site which resulted in his losing his limbs.



2016-01-10 14:10

I have done a lot of work on finding out about my g:grandfather when he fought in the American civil war, this took me to what they call the potato famine and Duffs Cut. It soon had me changing my mind about what the called the potato famine, and that it was not true, and to discover that some Irish professors are still giving lectures about the potato famine.



2016-01-10 14:50

I've read to much NOT to sign.Knowing that my gtreat grandmother was born out of the last year of this genocide, it really hit home what the irish, mainly Catholic population endured through this persecution, and knowing that ships loaded with food leaving cork harbour openly . absolutely disgusting what the British government let happen.



2016-01-12 23:49

I am Irish an proud


2016-01-12 23:50

I am Irish an proud



2016-01-13 13:24

I have very strong feelings about this part of our history. Nothing was ever mentioned at school about what really happened every one was told it was all due to the potato crop failing, its about time the truth was put out there for all to see.

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