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2016-08-21 01:04

My ancestors in east & west cork lived through this horror.



2016-09-02 01:09

The truth needs to be told how the Irish were robbed of the food that they had.



2016-09-02 09:24

Justice. Better late than never.



2016-09-02 19:45

To let the truth be known ! It's about time !



2016-09-02 20:26

Because it is true



2016-09-03 00:33

Lets not gloss over what was really happening in Ireland. This episode in Irish history needs to be known for what it really is and called for what it really was.



2016-09-10 03:46

Just as the genocide of the Jews during WW2 is recognized, so should the genocide of the Irish people. And just as in ALL Jewish schools, the Holocaust is studied and the victims honoured and the perpetrators reviled, so should the Irish people who suffered, were expelled or forced to flee their homes and who died and the perpetrators be exposed and made to pay restitution.



2016-09-15 09:03

Because the United States and the United Nations are about to try and do the same thing to whites across the globe!! They are trying to put all of us in one category!! And rob us all of our hairatighiratige!! Saying the Irish have white privilege !! The Irish have fought and died for everything they have in this world



2016-09-15 14:55

An example of those in power rewriting history. In order for their to be a natural famine of such proportions, there would need to be NO vegetation growing in Ireland at all. We know that's not the case. A deliberate attempt of genocide against the Irish people who were always held in contempt by their English neighbours.



2016-09-17 00:37

I think the reason is self explanatory.



2016-09-17 22:20

I signed because my ancestors suffered, I have learnt so much researching my family tree and I have cried for what they went through.  The truth deserves to be known and acknowledged about what really happened to the Irish people.  



2016-10-02 05:13

The international financial cartel who re-entered Britain during the time of Cromwell are responsible for intentional mass starvations by famine all through history.



2016-10-02 18:19

How could I not sign! I have felt that 'The Famine' sounded more like Genocide since I first read about it as a young girl.



2016-10-08 15:03

My mother is from Skibereen. I grew up hearing about the horrors. It's about time. Thank you.



2016-10-10 16:45

I have to support this because both of my grandmothers were Irish-Americans. The truth of this history is my own history, that of my ancestry. I know that those who fled Eire did so with tears and anguish because of those they had lost and loves they left behind. I have to do what I can to honor those with my own Irish heart.



2016-10-23 08:54

I'm signing this to make sure the truth is said and justice served to the victims. It helps prevent similar situations. I LOVE LIFE



2016-11-06 21:44

It was plain genocide rewritten by the murderers. Facts are the English Instituted highly racist and sectarian laws in Ireland for many year prior and during which fatally destituted the Gaelic Catholic population to the point where all their lives hung by was the survival of one cheap crop which was all they afford despite them toiling on their own stolen land to produce thousands of tons of the richest food which was subsequently exported under guard to fat Britain while those that toiled to produce it lay dying in their own country. Genocidal murderers



2016-11-16 05:34

I signed this because the despicable behaviour and subsequent lying cover up of the British regarding this terrible crime, must be exposed, clarified and openly taught in the schools... The unnecessary deaths of millions of Irish people in this manner is an outrage... Murder by neglect. Murder by choice... Horrible.

#969 Re:

2017-02-01 10:17

#7: -  

 I couldn't agree more with you.  My heritage is Scottish and Irish and both countries suffered horribly from the brutal treatment they received from the English, about time it was brought to the attention of the world.  Even today, there are still English people who denegrate the Irish people and their descendants.



2018-04-12 17:36

Because I believe in it and it is something that must happen. It was never a famine but that is how you hide genocide!
Truth seeker

#971 There was no famine

2018-10-15 23:48

There was no famine in Ireland.  The truth is now known by many - that the famine lie was made up to cover up the genocide of the Irish people.

Read Chris Fogarty's book which details all the shiploads of food which left Ireland every day for England.  Chris Fogarty obtained this information from the archived records in London, and these give detailed lists of all the food and the names of the ships which carried them, and even the names of the 67 British regiments stationed in Ireland to remove the food at gunpoint.

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