Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?

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2014-01-20 01:53

I dont find that playing just theatre organ music or classical organ music is the problem. The problem is that the music being chosen is often the most boring drivel Nigel can dig out, or the worst of particular organists instead of it being entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. Plus the half hour time slot doesn't give alot of time to fit much into. An hour would give 15 minutes each for classical, theatre, and electronics as well as getting all the talking done with.
YKE Moderator


2014-01-20 02:10

The BBC made a huge mistake 10 years ago banning Electronic Organ and Keyboard music. I was one who listened to the programme every week and enjoyed the selection of organists like Brian Sharp / Tony Peglar and others but there is a completely new generation of fine organists missing out on entertaing the enthusiasts and this should be addressed. There is a huge interest in todays instruments and bringing back the varied selection of technology that is now available in this show is critical in-order to keep the show on air. The new Yamaha Tyros 5 organ sounds are a fine example of what can be heard using the latest technology and promoting today's players is the way forward. I wish Chris every success with this project.



2014-01-20 07:57

I used to be a regular listener to the program but got VERY bored with it.

I have played piano, organ & keyboard for more than the past 50 years,

I appreciate ALL forms of Organ music, but this program is sooooooo BORING

I've heard more lively music at a crematorium.

David Perry Chairman, Isle of Wight Keyboard & Music Club



2014-01-20 10:00

.As companies like Yamaha, Roland and Korg are busy launching their new flagship Clavinovas and keyboards where the quality of sounds are now so realistic and of such high quality! it is time to have the window of opportunity to show how keyboards which used to have such a bad reputation are now so excellent! that it is pretty well impossible to discern between an electronic sound or a full blown orchestra or band and therefore, this petition with worth supporting - so come on BBC, time to hear how these amazing instruments can really perform.



2014-01-20 10:04

As a former, and regular, contributor to the programme since 1974, I'd welcome the return of electronic organs of all types. After all it's 'The Organist Entertains', not 'The Pipe Organist Entertains'. The BBC should recognise the fact that there are still lots of electronic organ enthusiasts out there, probably just as many as those who follow cinema and classical organ.



2014-01-20 11:40

I hope this will be effective at opening the eyes of the BBC so they realise that they must play the music the listeners want and not what the BBC think we should hear f
In other words , what they think is good for us because we are all like sheep as far as they are concerned.
I fear that the BBC are too long in the tooth and have lived in their ivory tower for too long now to accept change though.



2014-01-20 11:54

The Organist Entertains? Who is entertained?
Please be informed that a vast proportion of your potential (and may I suggest you former audience) are switched off by the lack of electronic organ/keyboard coverage.



2014-01-20 11:56

Thank you to Chris jones for raising these questions. Personally,I never listen to the organist entertain programmes as the majority of the chosen performers are completely out of touch with the sounds of the modern day organ( and keyboard)instruments, and produce little ,if any,reference or resemblance whatsoever to the music heard and very much enjoyed, by the many enthusiasts who attend the organ and keyboard clubs across the U.K. These competent,visiting organists who entertain at the popular organ clubs,(which are nationwide)are attended by mainly older people. However,the audience does not have its feet set in clay and is eager to embrace many different styles of music and,even better, is actually given the opportunity to do so.

Time to shed your dated image, BBC., and have a rethink about The Organists Entertains" and surprise us all! Who knows, many of our organ supporters may well improve your ratings - given the chance!



2014-01-20 13:49

Very disappointed with lack of electronic organ music. Stopped listening to programme sometime ago



2014-01-20 13:52

To add more credibility, you need to spell the word "plummeted" correctly before sending the petition off.
Cheers :)



2014-01-20 14:12

It is some time now since the BBC last put out any electronic music. I think it is a few years now. I STOPPED LISTENING TO IT FOR THIS REASON.



2014-01-20 16:04

The program used to have a balanced content with pipes and electronics. When only pipe organs featured, I lost interest because although I do enjoy pipe organs, the recordings chosen I found quite dreary and not a bit entertaining.  I have not listened to the program in years.

Come on BBC lets have some balance back in the program and restore interest.



2014-01-20 16:12

The program should feature modern instuments such as the Roland Atilier and Yamaha's new Tyros 5! With the rise in popularity of these arranger / workstations.


#39 Adding to my previous comment #6

2014-01-20 17:44

What a dreadful program this is ... quite frankly I'm of the view that it does do more 'harm than good' and I was amongst the early signatories of the petition also.

The program needs a complete overhaul starting with the 'forced retirement' of Nigel ... I think he lacks 'pizzazz' and sadly, he just ain't got it ... and 'pizzazz' is exactly what the program needs together with performers/performances with vivacity if it is to survive ...

There are some extraordinarily talented organist in the world today, a good many of them from the UK, they perform on some equally extraordinary instruments ... it is those artists and these instruments that should feature more prominently on the show.

Having said that, we mustn't forget the 'theatre & classical' instruments ... so, maybe slot on the show for these genres; perhaps a small slot featuring the keyboard as well.

And, 11 pm .... what's that all about? .... It needs to be on much earlier.

The Organist Entertains has never really been much cop for the modern stuff, and theatre wise it's not been the same since Robin Richmond retired ... although it did have a bit of revival (at least I started to tune in again) when 'Rodders' had a spot on the show, but since those days, the program has deteriorated markedly.

All the best from an 'organist entertains' fan .... NOT!

Mike Bracchi



2014-01-20 20:00

Firstly the Organist Entertains is now well past its sell by date. Secondly, the organ has always been, and always will be, first and foremost a classical instrument. Unfortunately, the classical organ has always had a very limited appeal to the general public. The organ 'scene' whether it be electronic or pipes, is dead! Once thriving organ societies are closing at an alarming rate. Why the BBC even keeps the Organist Entertains on air is anybodys guess. Frankly, take it off the air and sooner the better.

#41 Petition

2014-01-20 21:48

They have to realize that most people under 50 don't listen to our genre of music even though we comprise the majority of the population and very very few listen to what they're broadcasting. We should flood their lines with demos from Peter B., Mickel V. and some of the contributors to the forums (and there are some pretty damn good ones). Someone should suggest that their research people go on YouTube and see the amount of views our music receives versus what they deem to broadcast. Perhaps someone should tell their advisers how we feel. Don in MI
Jez Garrod


2014-01-20 22:19

I like all sorts of organ music which the program does not give.
I use to listen to the program, I found the same old boring music.
Why not cover modern keyboards & organs?
I play a Yamaha tyros keyboard myself. It may attract younger listeners.
Big Fat Tubby


2014-01-21 01:05

I used to listen to TOE every week without fail---but now it,s gone to broadcasting antiquated old junk---then i no longer have any interest in it--and just don,t listen anymore

Bring back the electronics------dump the junk-----and i may listen again----thank goodness someone has stood up and told them what we want to hear---and also tell them what we don,t!!!!-----WELL DONE!!!!!!

Just to add a bit more fuel to the fire---Nigel Ogden is a theatre organ player/enthusiast himself---so he will get great pleasure  out of playing that kind of stuff  (we have all heard him play recordings of himself many times on the show)---Totally Boring i might add-----And YES!!!---i do agree with most----that the show should be brought up to date with more modern keyboards---and given a new keyboardplayer orientated presenter------NOT a theatre organ orientated one----OR------taken off the air altogether

As it is----it do,es nothing to promote the excellent keyboards of today---or their equally talented players---nor do,es it give a chance to the less talented players (like myself---a regular public and home player) to be heard!!!
I support the petition wholeheartedly

Tubby Latham

Jess Parker


2014-01-21 09:19

Well done Chris for raising this issue again.
It's about time the BBC woke up to this "Digital age" and acknowledges the amazing advancements in musical technology AND the fantastic abilities of the present and the up-and-coming Artists!
In stead of deminishing the programme, the BBC should be embracing these talents, by moving it to a more acceptable sociable time, to encourage new and existing listeners to benefit from what could be, an amazing programme. BUT CHANGE THE NAME, PLEASE!!



2014-01-21 10:50

It has put people off coming to organ clubs as it is such a boring program, I complained years ago about it to the BBC.



2014-01-21 11:30

I have no problem with the program having some content of Pipe/Theatre organ but enough of the reluctancy to include the "plug in organ" !

The electronic or digital organ, in the right hands is an instrument that should have 50% of the program time or even more.



2014-01-21 13:28

Ten years ago I stopped listening to the programme as it depressed me. The word 'Entertains' should be 'Constrains'. It doesn't champion the organ world at all, but just a very dusty and cobwebbed corner of it. There are brilliant players in the world using all kinds of modern equipment, playing their socks off with professional expertise. Why, oh why, does the BBC continue to shun this much larger variety of very listenable, very enjoyable music? I have nothing against Nigel Ogden. He's a fine player, and used to include all kinds of music. He's obviously been got at by the bosses of light entertainment, and should nail the results of this petition on their door. Come on BBC give us a break.



2014-01-21 17:47

Proper representation of the modern organ and keyboards alike by the BBC would have a huge impact on the average perception of what these instruments really are and not what they use to be. Not to ignore the legacy sounds though.



2014-01-21 18:04

The programme no longer represents the vast range of popular music played at keyboard & organ clubs across the country.Requires updating.



2014-01-21 20:17

It harms the talent that is out there in the UK that never gets heard. It harms communities that are closing their Organ Societies down through lack of attendance because people have the impression organ music is boring, like the stuff played on this programme. Bring some new blood into and onto the programme.

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