Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?

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2014-02-08 22:40

I listen to Classic FM occasionally but am always irritated by the conveyor belt content of the same 'popular' classic works which they were playing 20 years ago. Wallpaper classics. I believe radio is basically dead as a source of specialist music entertainment.
But where less demanded, yet no less entertaining, music is concerned, including organ and keyboard, there are so many alternatives on the internet as online 'radio' shows. Organfax, Organ1stRadio, Hammondorganradio, and so on. I cannot visualize the BBC changing course for the sake of 200 plus petitioners, though I have added my support to the petition. I've even had some of my own playing included on Organ1st radio, hosted by Alan Ashton, which was an honour. I suggest that we support the people who really CARE about modern organ and keyboard playing, and expend effort and time into compiling their programmes in a far more open minded way. God bless 'em.

Young persons are more likely to become aware of organ music through the internet than the radio...the BBC hardly ever plays any modern organ music during the day, or even the evening. I've discovered far more artists new to me through the internet than the Beeb will ever divulge.



2014-02-13 16:33

This show has done more harm than good for the future of modern electronic organ music . This was a tremendous opportunity wasted to further the interest in playing something alive and exciting if Cinema organists had been able to have the choice between a wheezy groan or one of today's instruments I know what they would have played what a shame.
Steve Ashley

#78 TOE failure gives other broadcasters an opportunity

2014-02-17 11:30

It is a pity that TOE fails on many levels, and I have to agree that it is currently doing more harm than good to the organ scene. The show has become horribly formulaic in both presentation and with the music played. An hour per week of a mixture of pipes and electronics would seem reasonable in a broadcast schedule that is now very sparing in its offerings of anything except so-called mainstream music. But look at the Bigger Picture - everything points to a sustained effort by BBC Radio managers to kill ALL 'minority interest' shows.
BUT at least the poor offerings by the BBC give other broadcasters an opportunity! For those who like their organ music to be more 'entertaining', may I suggest listening to my Hot Pipes show. Admittedly, it's all pipes with an occasional virtual organ, but I do have an all-electronic show once a year. :-) There's an hour and a half-hour version - see


#79 Poor quality programming

2014-02-24 16:07

I find the programme unlistenable since they removed the electronic organ content. I guess they did us all a favour by cutting it down to 30 minutes - even that's too long for the dreary content I've heard on there. As a professional musician with a software business reliant on custom from organ enthusiasts, there is nothing in the show now to encourage new people to our ever-diminishing world. It certainly is another nail in the coffin for us all, and a travesty that the thousands of incredible songs out there performed on electronic keyboards and organs by supremely talented individuals will never be heard in it's current, depressing form. And all to please the bosses at The Beeb who think they know everything. Stick to defending the actions of your past DJs and listen to the people who know the scene way, way better than anyone at your desks.



2014-02-25 00:45

Very true I have thought this for a long time Let us hope this will do some good.



2014-02-25 09:40

I used to enjoy the organist entertains some 10 years ago when they played electronic keyboard music but the awful pipe organ music now played has driven me away.
Peter Francis

#82 Does the Organist Entertains on Radio 2 Do More Harm Than Good

2014-02-26 18:09

This programme has done more harm to the modern organ than anything I can think of. When trying to get work in hotels etc., I am shown the door the moment I mention the word Organ. We don't want any of that Blackpool Tower music here, is nearly always the comment. I now say I play multi keyboards and that gets a better response. As an organ player of 40 odd years I know how versatile the modern organs can be and the wonderful range of sounds they can produce, and feel it is a great shame that they are not promoted more on the radio.



2014-03-01 16:34

If Nigel cannot give us more variety let Allan Ashton take over. At the moment the show is tedius.To many americans.
Bill Ford


2014-03-03 13:12

I too stopped listening to The Organist Entertains some years ago because they never play "electronic organs or keyboard" and this is the way technology is going. It is no wonder so many Organ & Keyboard Clubs are closing if people hear this program and think this is all the clubs play and have to offer. I am on the committee of our local club and am convinced if this program started to feature the organists & keyboard players we have at our concert nights, our membership would increase. Come on BBC come out of the dark ages and show the true "Organist & Keyboard Entertains" which means ELECTRONIC ORGAN & KEYBOARDS.


#85 organist entertains

2014-03-03 13:47

Put a mixture of keyboards and organs to give more interest in the program. Or we will loose all our clubs



2014-03-03 16:45

Whilst I agree there are many people who thoroughly enjoy the program in it's present formatt, there are many, many more who would prefer a mixture of organ and modern electronic intrument sounds. Most organ and keyboard clubs are struggling to survive at the present time. Ours, North Staffs Organ and Keyboard club, "Thankfully" is doing very well. But getting new members is hard. When we do, they all come out with the same comment." What a lovely variety of music your artists play, we weren't expecting that".They seem to think that it only ever involves classical music. So maybe a wider selection of instruments would raise the public awareness that we aren't all interested in just organ music.



2014-03-04 09:10

The programme is stale the music played
was being played on organs 40 to 50 years ago.
No allowance has been made in the programme that
organs/keyboards are a technical miracle now and
require the type of organist who appreciates what
they can do.Thousands of people enjoy these new
tools and playing let the programme reflect them.



2014-03-09 20:00

Many people think that an Organ Concert takes place in a church and have no idea what todays electonic organs sound like. Hearing more of their sounds on the Organist Entertains Program should help to put this misunderstanding right.



2014-03-12 20:07

The Organist Entertains programme is obviously aimed mostly at fans of theatre and pipe organ music, which should come as little surprise as this is Nigel Ogden's own world of music. The BBC should however expand and cover a wider picture of organ (and keyboard) music. There must be hundreds of hours of recorded material available if they could be bothered to search for it. I suggest we leave Nigel alone to mellow and bathe contentedly in his particular choice of entertainment, but instead demand a programme which is of specific interest to present day musicmakers. I, for one, would not want to wince through a lot of mothballed pipe organ stuff just to get to a few tidbits of modern electronic matter, and I'm sure there are many others out there who feel the same.
Give us a new programme...engage a new host...but at least provide SOME support in trying to keep the magnificent sounds of today's electronic organs and keyboards alive, thereby enchanting those who recognise the talents of today's musicians of modern equipment.
Organ and keyboard clubs up and down the country are slowly disbanding one by one. The media's cliched view of what organs are all about, more often than not pigeonholing the resultant music as being of an age of 60's Northern Clubs, fish and chips, and half sloshed public bar entertainers, is a joke in itself. 
So, dear Auntie Beeb, we've moved on a little now from that scene of beer stained Hammonds in the lounge bar, and asthmatic Farfisa's in the front room.
Be a sport and do something new, like we are.



2014-03-29 11:36

Bring Back The Electronics To The Organist Entertaines It's Unfair To Organists Who Only Play Electronics & Its Was My favourite Part Of The Show



2014-04-04 14:27

The BBC shoud cater for the majority and not just for the few.
The organist entertains

#92 Re: Poor quality programmingorganist entertainment

2014-04-10 20:45



#93 ThelmaRe:

2014-04-10 22:08

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