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2014-02-12 04:16

Why not start a petition to start a men's only time? :)



2014-02-12 04:24

Get fucking over it, there's a girl section. Deal with it



2014-02-12 04:25

It's from 6 am to 7 am and 4 to 7 pm. Its three hours of the day all together. Its the smallest portion of the gym and i highly doubt that is affecting any of the mens workout routines. If your complaining so much, go all together to create mens only hours but don't remove OUR time. We are suppose to be a community. Seriously guys.. start being men!



2014-02-12 04:26



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2014-02-12 04:31

lol, seriously? get over it. Its not even a big deal. half you guys chirping hardly go to the gym anyways


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2014-02-12 04:38

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More guys go than girls...



2014-02-12 04:40

What does that matter if more guys go than girls? Its two hours in the afternoon and one hour in the morning. People still go, and you still have access to the rest of the gym. Get over it. And thank you but i go to the gym every day, and i cherish my "women's only time"


2014-02-12 04:41

I like the idea of having girls only time because if you look at the spotted at laurier pages on twitter and facebook, there is constantly creepy guys posting there and talking about which girl looked hot working out at the gym and that's gross to me
I want to go to the gym to better myself and to feel healthy, I don't want to feel like guys are judging me on whether or not i'm hot while i'm trying to work out
of course there are many people of different sexual orientations going to the gym, I am specifically talking about a specific point though in which heterosexual males pin point women like myself



2014-02-12 04:43

first of all guys are hardly in that section of the gym anyways, there is barely any weights and very little machines to use so its not even a big deal that its a girls section for like an hour of the day. The boys need to calm down



2014-02-12 04:44




2014-02-12 04:45

If the gym wasn't so fucking crowded already I wouldn't have a problem with it but 4-7pm is probably one of the busiest times at the gym so its unfair to block off a whole section for the most ridiculous reason... NOBODY IS JUDGING YOU, NOBODY IS WATCHING YOU WORKOUT, GET OVER YOURSELF. Also girls, you know you would be up in arms if there was a mens only time instead of a womens only time. The fact that they even implemented this restriction is beyond me, its obviously going to upset some people.



2014-02-12 04:48

Oh boo hoo, having to wait ONE whole minute to get a machine while the girls take up the tiniest part of the gym. get over YOURSELF


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2014-02-12 04:49



2014-02-12 04:52

good argument? ^


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2014-02-12 05:00

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2014-02-12 05:06

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Crowded enough? Fuck off, last year the gym was half the size it is now and everyone was fine. So I'm sure everyone can grow up and deal with not having one corner of the gym for 3 hours a day (y)



2014-02-12 05:14

There are plenty of other established gyms with women only sections so I don't see why this is a big deal.



2014-02-12 17:23

get the fuck over it. The guys get the gym for literally the whole day, I'm sure a few hours in the smallest section isn't going to be too detrimental to your precious workout.



2014-02-13 21:40

What the school is doing is in direct violation with human rights codes and the school's own discrimination policies. I'm disgusted with the lot of you for thinking sexism is okay but only when it applies to men.


2014-02-14 02:32

Lol is this a joke? Only a small section of the gym is closed off for a short amount of time. Men can use the rest of the gym.


2014-02-14 03:48

this is absolute bullshit, when I read the arguments. As stated above its for a short period of time in a space that didn't even exist last year. Instead of complaining that women are getting "privilege" over the men in terms of these women only hours, why don't you make a petition for men only hours. I'm sure the ladies won't make a big fuss out of a few hours a day in a SMALL section for men only, and maybe then the guys who are making the biggest deal out of this will be content.


2014-02-14 04:08

I understand that its about so called equality between the sexes than it is about the fact that women are allowed this section of the gym for a certain amount of time as the key issue. If its equality you want, it would be fair to have a men's only time if its that big of a deal; clearly it is. For everyone that says women want equality, but yet special treatment such as the gym; the equality in general that is being sought by women is for EQUAL opportunity, nowhere in history does it say "feminism" is about taking away what men have in terms of privilege/rights. Nowhere does it say to lower men's pay to cause it to be equal with women. Instead women have been fighting for equal pay at the level of which men are receiving it. This petition is taking away the right of women who need this section for religious and other reasons, something that is definitely needed at wlu. Instead of attempting to take away women's only hours, you should seek to understand the reasons behind it and stop trying to take away something from those who need it. If it really bothers you and you want this "equality" between the sexes then why not inquire about a men's only section for a couple of hours per day..

A girl who will be working out with both sexes, but this argument enrages her.

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2014-03-02 14:22