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2013-11-03 10:52

This is a fantastic facility for local people. We take our little boy regularly and he loves seeing the animals, playing in the sandpit, jumping around the bouncy castle and driving the little cars.   Are WBC really so DETERMINED to destroy a LOCAL business that brings so much joy to local children ?

Of course, there's so much for adults too, including the farm shop with its great variety of food and drink.

From the Hare Hatch website, it appears that WBC are basically trying to stop key activities such as the sale of anything that isn't grown on site & make changes of use of their buildings from being a horticultural nursery.  These appear to be critical to the business's continued existence. It seems WBC are trying to force the business to focus only on storage, play area, coffee shop lounge, coffee shop garden  & events. If WBC are successful, the business will have to close down with the loss of over 100 jobs.  THIS BUSINESS WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT THESE OTHER ACTIVITIES.

Is that good for the local community ?

Does WBC have such little regard for the wishes of the families in this community for whom this facility is so well liked that they are indirectly trying to force these people out of business ?



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