Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?


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2014-01-28 07:39

Every type of organ, or keyboard, whether pipe or electronic, has relevance to the creation of musical entertainment. Dismissing instruments of more recent technological progress because they feature modern electronics and design, capable of high quality emulation of a world of instrument choices, is to my mind irresponsible of the BBC in its job of modern communication. What a player is skilled at creating with an instrument, whether the music be classical or popular, is surely the prime importance of an organ music programme, NOT the nature and capabilities of the instruments being played. A musical instrument is lifeless, silent, and sometimes quite ugly, until its own particular beauty of sound is produced from the imagination, control and dexterity of a player. The BBC needs to improve its attitude towards modern musicianship, and help communicate encouragement to our future musicians, exemplifying quality playing through the more accessible instruments we hope our offspring will be producing accomplished music with, both now, and in the future.

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