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Eve Wall

#16 Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 03:32

As a 24 yr. veteran teacher and mother, I did vote for the balanced calendar but only because of the Dec. 23rd winter break days of the other two choices. Even though I voted for the balanced calendar, I am not in favor of it. I simply voted this way in order to have the week off before Christmas. Technically, many of us are in the 82% of the people who are supposedly in favor of the balanced calendar but indeed do not support this concept. We were simply voting for Christmas.



#22 Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 04:26:47

#16: Eve Wall - Re: Calendar 

 The reason people voted one or another is not at issue. The problem at hand is that the school board went completely against what the majority of stakeholders wanted in Cobb County. As taxpayers, we pay their salaries and we depend on them to represent us and support our wants/needs because we live in a country with a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY!! What happened last night at that board meeting was not at all democratic and it is completely unjust! I am a Cobb County teacher and since I am fortunate enough to have a job, I will be there to teach on whatever days I am told to be there. I am just not willing to sit back and let the board completely steam roll the majority of the people in the county. I am completely disgusted by this.


#92 Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-19 17:40:58

#16: Eve Wall - Re: Calendar

I agree with you.. I voted for the August 1st start date simply because the other two options were so bad.  Being a resident of Cob County for only the past 6.5 years, I am still confused about why we get out by Memorial Day. Most of the country goes on a Traditional Calendar of end of August and into June.  And those calendar's have always allowed for a decent holiday break over Christmas.


#221 Re: Re: Calendar

2011-02-21 04:38:52

#16: Eve Wall - Re: Calendar 

 I did not vote for the balanced calendar. I agree with Eve, a lot of the people that did were looking more at the Christmas break.  It was not that they wanted the balanced calendar.  The balanced calendar is fine for the elementary schools.  But, when you have a child in high school, with block scheduling, you will see that it isn't truly a balanced schedule.  The students with classes in the spring have less classroom time to learn the material than the students with the same classes in the fall.  Especially the AP students.  I speak as a parent of one of those students.

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