Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-10 18:44

My dog gets recurrent bone infection issues due to being docked: there is no way to sort this permanently, it's weakening her hindlegs each time, and will seriously shorten her life. Why on earth would we continue to allow a procedure which is banned in civilised countries, and which often leads to serious consequences for the dog?



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2013-11-13 22:35:42

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My dog has an exposed vertebrae  but cannot be removed as massive infection risk. I work in a vets, the amount of botched jobs we see and have to try to fix before the pup becomes toxic is getting worse. A lady was disgusted one day when I told her we would not be removing her new jack russel pups tail, she said she thought there was something wrong with the dog, that it was meant to be born with a shorter tail, that was part of the breed!


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2013-11-22 20:05:23

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what a load of rot