Nei til utbygging av Nedre Otta! - No to damming the Otta river!

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2013-11-21 01:15

These are the points for why I do not agree with the damming of the LOWER OTTA River:

1. The local youth that feel they were never heard.
2. WE do not need the electicity, since we have had a surplus of power in Norway for more than a decade.
3. SEL Township does NOT need it, as they had millions of kroners in plus for 2011.
4. The township will start to make money from this in 25 years.
5. One ruins a cultural heritage, along with an outstanding arena for sports and outdoor recreation.



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2013-11-22 05:30:11

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I really hope that the local people who will be affected can spread this far and wide so that more people become aware and stand together against it.  You have such valid points, please carry on with this petition... every river has it's own life, and should never be dammed!!

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