Allowing again kitesurfing in Greek waters (by

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#5 Trip cancelled too

2011-06-02 17:29


i cancelled my trip to greece islands too. I can not understand this law, why is kiting forbidden and windsurfing not? I thought tourism is much important for the Greece economy, especially in this hard times. Please note that Kite sufers are good tourists, who travel all over the year and not only on summer holiday time. Eg. Egypt a big part of the tourists during the Egypt revoloution were Kitesurfers!!



#111 Re: Trip cancelled too

2011-06-09 19:39:32

#5: blacky - Trip cancelled too

Man you did wrong! thinks are even better now! the law has changed and fixed to better for the free kitesurfers... BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW... ITS WINDY HERE !!