Australia Day Bill of Rights Run Petition

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2013-12-09 11:28

Lets get it happening Australia its our rights and our childrens rights !!



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2013-12-11 10:59:54


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2013-12-31 10:25:01

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The Australian Crown, is the Australian people Bill of rights. They just didn't know, let a lone how to use this office.


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Mark Aldridge

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2014-01-03 04:09:46

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Any bill of rights, MUST be written by the people through transparent community forums, then offered up to every Australian by way of a referendum, and then added to the Constitution :)


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2014-09-16 05:30:33

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 Sorry, it's NOBODY's "right" at the moment to have Free Speech. To give us a Bill of Rights it would have to be enshrined in the Constitution, which it should have been years ago.  It will require a Public Referendum.