Stop the legal murder of Emilia Lily Carr

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#16 What about the victim???

2014-07-01 20:28

Not a single one of you even mentioned the real victim here, Heather Strong. No compassion for her or her loved ones. Very sad. Emilia Carr and Joshua Fulgham were old enough to know that murder is wrong, regardless of their childhoods. If Emilia believed that murder was okay, then she is a psychopath. She needs to take responsibility for her actions. I bet most of you saying the death penalty is wrong are not Americans since the majority of Americans believe in the death penalty. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. But one thing to remember, the death penalty IS a specific deterrent. If you don't believe that, then you don't know what it means.


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#18 Re: What about the victim???

2014-08-12 09:04:30

#16: bmk1213 - What about the victim??? 

 Your dead wrong, pardon the pun.  i was born and raised an American in the midwest.  the petition is not about the victim.  emilia is what the petition's about.  She is appealing her sentence as she claims she is not guilty.  This is the American process, or did u not realize it?  The petition is to spare her life....the appeal is get a new trial.  the marjority of americans no longer want the DP and it's reflected in votes and opinions across the USA.  It does not work as a deterent and it costs millions of dollors to carry out.  DP prisoners must have 2 lawyers thru every phase, did u know that?  regular prisoners have 1 and less appeals.  America is prodominently Christian and those that read the Bible know the New Testament states "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"....that was directly from Jesus to a mob gathered to stone to death a woman for adultry...a crime punishable by death for a female in those days.   everything i said here u can google. 

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