PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

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2015-05-27 04:55

Ek teken weens ek gatvol is vir Zuma wat die land opneek en baie geld van tax betalers wat hy net eenvoudig vat en sy Gundla dorp mooi maak en ons is ter duisende mense blankes wat werkloos is en honger ly geld en als word in swartes gestop terwyl ons blankes an die pen ry genoeg is genoeg


WHITE and proudly South African citizen

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2015-12-10 12:46:25

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 I am white Sir / Mam, 

And I would like to remind you that its not just white people thats suffering under this ruling, yes you might feel elite black people are benefiting from Zuma's rule and yes you're right then but just as big a percentage of black, colored, Indian and other ethnicity groups  are suffering so please keep such slander, unfounded racist ( Direct or indirect) comments to yourself and the under developed people with the lack of common morals or ethics  .... PS I refer to hiding and having your race meetings in a dark corners where society and the rest of us doesnt need to hear it .......

Zuma is a bad leader because he is a Bigamist, criminal, racist, diplomat with no regard to South Africa, our history and the potential for a prosperous future .
He is a self serving, Shark that will tear the life blood of our youth apart for his self enrichment.

Yours truly a WHITE and proudly South African citizen  

Big D

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2015-12-11 05:15:18

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Please bud, dont kid yourself, Zuma does not care about what colour the people are who are left in his wake of destruction. Time for people with this narrow minded approach (only white people are suffering under the ANC rule), to wake up and smell the coffee. Everybody is affected, but Zumas inner circle, so please keep your racist comments to yourself. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of thr problem.


Oh and ps! I am a white boer-seun just for incase you were wondering.


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2015-12-11 06:11:52

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 Thank you other people who have called out this racist person. You are no different to Zuma if you think that his antics only affect white people, he cares only about himself and his elite few and even some politicians aren't safe if they go against him and his madness. 


SA can be and has the potential to be a great country but we will need to do something about it than hating on each other, we will be giving him and others like him exactly what he wants and more space for him to destroy this beautiful country. We are worth more than the colours of our skin.


Signed a Black and proud South African young woman.



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