PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

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2015-06-01 21:17

Because Zuma sing songs like " Bring my machine gun, Kill the Farmer Kill the Boer. No stability,no future for our children, racism against White people, discramanating Laws agains White people, No work for White people, our language not recognise, genocide against white people. Zumas corruption, his stealing of R246 million from the taxpayers money to give him security, while people living in squatter camps. Exc, exc.


george goch

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2015-06-09 11:22:03

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 Blaming Zuma on everything, blaming Zuma for your failures, blaming Zuma for your own family suffering because of you not getting because you are not skilled, o educated enough,"please check how many jobs are there that requires formal education" so the government must always feed you? Learn to be rational about issue

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