Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-17 17:06

This is bull , he's 14 knew what he did . So yes trial as adult .
"You do the crime , you do the time "



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2015-07-22 08:33:34

#1: -  Mr pushinsky was senselly murdered, Mr sanders Jr needs to be made an example to show other juveniles you acquire guns you know what your doing when you use it in a crime. You take someone's life, then life as you know it is over. Your actions are that of a immature adult so then you will be treated the same way. The young man who died at 18 can't come back, thus the shooter shouldn't be illigible to be free at 18



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2015-07-22 22:34:53

#1: -  everybody talkin about justice yes i agree but if there were positive things in place for kids to do maybe this would not have happened how about opening up all the SCHOOLS THAT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT DECIDED TO CLOSE AS COMMUNITY CENTERS there are grants out there to get it started