Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-17 17:55

Lets get Justice for my little brother! The kid that did this doesn't deserve his freedom! He robbed my brother of his life! So this kid should be robbed of his life by taking away his freedom!!



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2015-07-17 18:54:31

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 Thats right #JusticeForJacob 


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2015-07-19 18:24:16

I am so sorry for your famlies loss you are in my prayers#4: -  



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2015-07-22 12:59:59

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 This kid won't be robbed of his life. He gave it away when he decided to go out that day with the intention of killing someone and actually doing it. Try as an adult. Too bad, there is no death penalty.


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2015-10-07 16:32:54

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 He doesnt deserve to be charged as a minor. I was actually in the same block at erie county with him. He didnt even seem like he was nervous. He was getting shoes candy etc. Commissary like crazy. He knew what he did.