Petition for a Balanced Calendar in Cobb Schools

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#3 honestly

2012-01-10 05:48

I'm sick of this debate. the majority of people want this to happen and I'm sorry if you don't but this just needs to be done already



#366 Re: honestly

2012-05-08 00:10:55

#3: - honestly 

 MAJORITY DON'T WANT THIS. Couple people like you,  don't create a majority. I want my kids to enjoy the summer, and not go to school in the middle of HOT summer days. I want them to spend time in summer camps instead. What are they going to the at home in the middle of winter. 1 week of torture every month? You can't catch high education level by sweating the kids by hot sun. This discussion is still going on because some people wants to have CHEAP vacation. That's it. Let's be honest No one is thinking about the kids.

Also I am a working mom and had hard time during the balanced calender.  Public school meant for everybody - not just for stay home moms who are looking for cheap vacation. If you don't like the sytem go to private school please.



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