Petition for a Balanced Calendar in Cobb Schools

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2012-01-10 16:44

The balanced calendar is so much better for the students and the teachers. Kids perform better and I'm willing to bet there are less teacher sick days with the balanced calendar!



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2012-01-10 21:05:07

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 There were less teacher sick days because absenteeism was tied to keeping jobs last year when teachers were being layed off.


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2012-01-15 03:42:03

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 The teachers perform better as well!


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2012-01-17 02:45:07

#11: - I agree- I think it was so much better for the kids, even though I did not love starting back so early.  I did not vote for the balanced calendar initially, but after going back to the regular calendar this year, I can honestly see the benefits of the balanced calendar.  I have signed the petition and am now 100% in favor of the balanced calendar.


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