Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti

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2012-07-14 17:38

It is obvious that you care more for donkeys than for people. Perhaps destiny has it that you end up like the poor people of Haiti, i hope so because only then you would realize that humans are more important than animals. It is so shameful that there are people like you with stone hearts unwilling to offer help to others and placing animals before humans. If the Government of
Bonaire can do just this little bit for these needed people, it is something to praise, because leaving things in the hand of organizations is the easiest way for not doing anything. For the Haitians the smallest aid we can offer is a real big thing for them. So please, don't be so egoistic and open that stone hart of yours to the people that live in misery......maybe that will soften it a bit!



#19 Re: Animal advocate

2012-07-23 11:38:48

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 Give me animals to humans any day.When I see jerks like you who have zero compassion for animals I loathe humans even more.

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