Freedom for all political and religious prisoners in Uzbekistan

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemens!

First we started the petition in the website but there just 200 was engaged in our action. It is not good enough. We need more signatures and I hope that people around the world, who love the democracy, freedom and peace can help us to free more than 30 prisoners of conscience in Uzbekistan.

Please, raise up for the sake of prisoners of conscience in Uzbekistan - One of the most obvious crimes of the dictatorial regime of Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan is his very cruel relations vs his opponents, to dissenters, to the representatives of the democratic opposition, to known religious leaders and their families.

Despite repeated promises of the authorities about the political reforms, about improving the legal and judicial system on numerous meetings of representatives of regime with EU, U.S., UN, OSCE, EBRD, IMF, and other national and international organizations, the government of Uzbekistan continues its brutal repression against dissenters, opposition and religious citizens.

Today, your attention is invited to an updated list of prisoners of conscience, and a list of missing people of Uzbekistan. We appeal to the UN, OSCE, EU, USA, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the international community not to forget the prisoners of conscience in Uzbekistan.

Please, raise up the question of the fate of these prisoners of conscience who has been arrested just because they thinking as free people and theirs thoughts are different from government.

Everyone of this prisoners should be released immediately and they have right to live as free citizens.

1. Murod Juraev, born in 1952, a former Member of the Parliament of Uzbekistan and the former mayor of Mubarak, was convicted in 1994 for 12 years, since being detained. Recently, he has been convicted again in the colony. Every time some days before the expiration of the term, he (and all prisoners of conscience) sentenced again and again to extra prison term with standard charges "Violations of the regime in prisons." Currently contained in the colony UA 64/48 (Zaravshan). More info:

2. Muhammad Bekjanov, 1954 journalist, a member of the opposition party "Erk", is arrested and sentenced in 1999 to 12 years old, sick with severe tuberculosis, is in prison UA 64/61 (Kasan, Kashkadarya).

3. Samandar Kukanov, born in 1945, a former member of Parliament Uzbekistan, a former director of the tank farm, supported the opposition party "Erk" in 1993 in prison, sentenced to 20 years. Currently contained in the colony UA 64/48(Zarafshan).

4. Isroiljon Kholdorov, 1951 g.r rights activist. Convicted on false charges in 2005 for 6 years. Disabled two groups in a serious condition, be in UA 64 /29 Navoi.

5. Farmonov Azam, born in 1978 Human rights activist. After numerous provocations, convicted on trumped-up case, in 2006, to 9 years. Be in UYA 64/71 Jaslyk subjected to brutal torture and humiliation.

6. Nasim Isakov 1966 Human rights activist. 27.10.2005g arrested. 12/20/2005 Jizak City Criminal Court sentenced to 8 years in prison. Be in UYA 64/3 Tavaksai.

7. Abdurasul Hudaynazarov, 1956 Convicted in December 2006 of 9.6 years. The colony was being tortured in the summer of 2008 he tried to commit suicide.

8. Yusuf Ruzimurodov, 1958, journalist and member of the opposition "Erk" party, judgment of 08/18/99, the Tashkent Regional Court sentenced to 15 years in prison is currently being held in prison UA 64/46 (Navoi).

9. Gayrat Mihlibaev, journalists in the colony UA 64-48.

10. Rukhiddin Fakhriddin, religious figure, in September 2006, was sentenced to 17 years, to be in UA 64/01., Health status is not known.

11. Akram Yuldashev, a religious leader, in May 1999, sentenced to 17 years. A large group of businessmen in Andijan are his supporters and carry out their activities on the basis of his teachings directed to charity, community development without any political activity.

12. Madumarov Abdullah, born in 1972, convicted of religious views, on suspicion of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir.

13. Madumarov Habibullah, born 1974, convicted of religious views, on suspicion of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir.

14. Madumarov Abdulahad, born in 1972, was convicted for his religious views, on suspicion of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir.

15. Solidzhon Abdurakhmanov, born in 1950, human rights activist and journalist, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2008. Be UYA 64/49 in Karshi.

16. Agzam Turgunov, 1952 human rights activist, member of the opposition, was sentenced to 10 years in autumn 2008. Be in UYA 64/49 in Karshi.

17. Jamshid Karimov, a journalist, was recently released from a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand. But he again disappeared from relatives and friends. At the present time, the fate of Jamshid Karimov is no specific information.

18. Hazrat Ahmedov, born 1940, school teacher. He was arrested on November 11, 2005. Lived in Gijduvan. Reasons for his arrest: he wrote poetry. During the investigation, was tortured several times. He was charged under articles 159, 216 and 244-1 of the Criminal Code of Bukhara Regional Criminal Court in March 2006, was sentenced to four years in prison. Contained in the colony UYA 64/3 (village Tavaksai Tashkent region). 2010 he extended the term of imprisonment.

19. Zafar Rakhimov. Repairman cars. Member Kashkadarya regional HRSU, was arrested in April 2007 and in October 2007 Karshi city criminal court sentenced to 6 years' imprisonment;

20. Yuldash Rasulov. Repairman car owner. Member of Kashkadarya regional HRSU, was arrested in April 2007 and in October 2007 Karshi city criminal court sentenced to 10 years in prison.

21. Dilmurod Sayyid (Saidov) Journalist and activist of Human rights society "Ezgulik", sentenced to 12.5 years Taylak District Court on 30 July 2009.

22. Ganikhon Mamatkhanov, 25 November 2009, the district court recognized the Ferghana region Ganikhon Mamatkhanov convicted under Articles 168, part 3 (extortion) and 211 part 3 (bribery) of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan and sentenced to five years in prison.

23. Gaibullo Djalilov Ombudsman HRSU of Karshi. In January 18, 2010 field trial of Bukhara was sentenced to 9 years.

[24. Hamdamova Mehriniso - 1969, April 12, 2010, sentenced to 7 years in prison in E in the colony. Member of HRSU. She died in prison].

25. Hamdamova Zulhumor 1960, April 12, 2010, to 6.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

26. Rakhmatova Shahlo 1965, April 12, 2010, to 6.5 years imprisonment in the colony .Member of HRSU.

27. Khairullo Khamidov, born 1975, journalist in Uzbek radio and TV, a popular sports commentator and poet, sentenced the April 27, 2010 of the court Yangiyul district,Tashkent region to six years in prison.

28. Dilorom Abdukodirova, witness of the mass execution of thousands of protesters in Andijan, sister Mahbuba Zakirova who boldly addressed the Supreme Court of the Republic and directly accused the regime" in the massacre of citizens in the Babur Square in Andijan, which was worse than the German Nazis shot his enemies". D.Abdukadyrova fled during the massacre of citizens and with help of UNHCR came to Australia. However, the authorities by means of deception and blackmail his family have made it come back to home. She has been arrested in Tashkent Airport immediately after arrival and sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Hazratqul Khudojberdi,

The International Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan


p.s. We update our list every day according by release of prisoners of conscience

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