Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik!

Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik! He is currently unemployed and has been denied access to his favourite plants.

TO DEFEND GALLIN RADKOV FROM HUMILIATION AT HIS WORKING PLACE !!! I appeal everyone who has moral virtues in himself to sign this petition. Galin Radkov is deaf-mute by birth and he works in the Botanical Garden in Balchik for many years. Thanks to his love for the cacti, he enriches the garden with new plant species and personally records each of them, finds donors, makes a list of their names. This good and honest man earns his money with this job and it is the meaning of his life. When his assistant Radeva, who worked together with him became his chief, he could not agree with the mistakes that were allowed in the cultivation of cacti and succulents because there was a real danger of losing some of these plants. That is how he became inconvenient. Systemic harassment began, and he got isolated from his favorite job. Galin can no longer take care of the plants, but is forced to clean and do all kind of other works, instead of caring for the plants that he values and loves, as it used to be. He is formally hired a gardener ... Galin is known for his knowledge of cacti and succulents not only in Bulgaria but also around the world. That is how started the penalties signed by the Rector of the Sofia University refusing him to perform tasks, mostly tasks that cause damage to the plants. Questions arouse on the overall administrative management of this sector. There were questions that were addressed to the Rector through the National Complaints Committee, but the answers were unsatisfactory. All keep silent and allow continuation of that humiliation over a person who is unreservedly devoted to his job. SUPPORT GALLIN RADKOV AND DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO BE REMOVED FROM HIS JOB, JUST BECAUSE HE IS NOT CONVENIENT TO SOMEBODY. WE INSIST THAT A DETAILED CHECKING SHOULD BE MADE OF THE GEVERNING METHODS AT THE BOTANIC GARDEN N THE TOWN OF BALCHIK, BECAUSE THIS CASE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE. I SIGN THIS PETITION AND I SAY NO TODISCRIMINATION OF DEAF-MUTE PEOPLE! I APPEAL FOR GALIN TO BE TAKEN BACK TO HIS PREVIOUS WORKING POSITION SO THAT HE MAY BE CALM AND DEVOTED AGAIN TO GROWING AND BREEDING OF CACTI. HE IS NOT STRIVING FOR CAREER AND MONEY. THIS IS GALIN RADKOV, A MAN WITH A DIGNITY WHO FIGHTS FOR THE JOB. ALL OTHERS THAT HUMILIATE AND CAUSE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMS TO THEIR EMPLOYEES SHOULD GET OUT!!! WORKING CONDITIONS AND RELATIONSHIP AMONG THE STAFF SHOULD GO BACK TO NORMAL. SGNIATURES OF THE OUTHER WORKERS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN BY FORCE. GALIN SHOULD RECEIVE A MEDAL FOR HIS CARE FOR THE PLANTS AND HIS CONTRIBUTION< ENRICHMENT AND PROMOTION OF THE CACTI COLLECTION.

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