Give All BOE Candidates a Fair Chance at Endorsement

We, the Concerned Citizens of the West Seneca School District, demand that the West Seneca Teacher's Association (WSTA) give all 8 school board candidates a fair chance to earn their endorsement. We have been made aware that WSTA selected their endorsed candidates long before petitions were due and before all candidates were known to the public.We've heard that the endorsement decision was made behind closed doors with little union member input-the very same type of meeting you publicly accuse the school board of having. For an organization who has been so vocal about all stakeholders having a voice in our search for a superintendent and speaks out in favor of transparency and being fair, we believe that you owe it to your Union members to interview all of the candidates and make an informed decision. They are your stakeholders. Shouldn't they, by your own line of thinking, have a voice? The CSEA conducted interviews and came to a different conclusion. You may have as well.