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Negligent homicide happens everyday and more often than one would think. To understand how and why one is charged with negligent homicide let us define what it means in lexical terms. Negligent homicide is a criminal act when a person witnesses an emergency and who, through criminal negligence allows another person to die, such as not calling 911.
My mission statement:
I want people to learn from this. I want to start awareness among people that it is humane and morally correct to call the proper emergency response units in the event of an emergency. Many times when lack of proper response time from Emergency Responders is heard about, it is also because someone failed to call 911 at the first sighting of the emergency. Sometimes, even lives have been lost due to the lack of people calling 911.
This movement or Act is being brought forth to make it mandatory for people to call 911 in the event of an emergency whether it be a fire, fight, or overdose. No matter what the case may be, ALL LIVES MATTER!!! God created us all equally and we all bleed red. We ALL want to live! The Good Samaritan Law just is not enough anymore! People have lost their hearts; they have lost their help and hope for others. Be people lose their voice because of negligence. We need to speak up for our loved ones we lost due to someone not calling 911 .
No matter what the emergency, if it is a life or death situation, 911 should be called. If the government can give free Narcan to people to help prevent an overdose, then they can make it mandatory to call 911. When some gives a person Narcan to prevent them from dying, they then call 911 for further treatment to prevent death. SO, why not make it mandatory to call 911 in such a situation even if narcan is not administered. The call to 911 can prevent death. Especially if someone is watching it for 6 hours and fails to respond appropriately. A call at first sight can save a life!
If someone fails to call 911 and witnesses an emergency resulting in a death, negligent homicide should be investigated. Negligent homicide is when a person witnesses an emergency and fails to respond so therefore not engaging by calling 911 should be classified as negligent homicide. I believe that since murder is classified and broke down in murder 1st degree, 2nd degree and manslaughter… each charge carries a different sentence. Negligent homicide is next in line. The charge should be according to the severity of the emergency and if resulting in death.
The Kennedy Act of 2021 is about Help and Hope. Helping others in providing hope for sustaining lives. Please support this not just for me but for the future of your loved ones and yourself. This act is to aware people that it is the right, moral and humane thing to do in an emergency when others can not call and speak for themselves. BE A NEW VOICE!
“Think not of yourselves but for those who can no longer speak for themselves.”
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The story begins. This was inspired after the death of my brother Michael Wayne Kennedy age 37. July 31,1983-July 29, 2021. He died due to a lady not calling 911 during him having an unusual episode and was blue in color. For 6 hours she watched him behave out of his normal character and was blue in color; yet she still failed to call 911. The end result and due to her not calling 911 my brother died.
Our father, Billy Ray Kennedy also died due to no one calling for assistance and aid when they clearly saw an emergency. In the result of people lacking in a responsibility that is humane. On March 28, 1998, my brother Michael at the age of 15, hid and watched 2 men hit our father and he died. Many stories go around about as to why this happened and stories of how it happened also vary. But those are not important and is not the reason for this petition. However, what is important is people, human beings stood by and watched as this man was in an emergency situation and not one person stopped or called for aid and assistance with 911.
I am hoping this Act and movement will put in place new laws, rules and/or regulations that we as people, as human beings, if we see an emergency or life threatening event; we should be required to call 911 and report it. With this and if we call 911, this can prevent the deaths of so many people.
The story of how my brother died is horrible and heart breaking. Please understand, there should be no offense taken by anyone, I am just speaking what Michael would want me to say; and its truth. Truth hurts sometimes but is well needed in this world. In the death of my baby brother born July 31, 1983 and passing on July 29, 2021 Is there a possibility that there was foul play with his death? Can not calling 911 make a person responsible in some way form or fashion? Can the negligence of a person not calling 911 be considered a crime. Is it negligent homicide? It should be!
I have been talking with several people in regards to my brothers death. If foul play is the case, justice should be served accordingly, and not calling 911 is foul play. It hindered the survival of another human being. My brother was alive for 6 hours walking around out of sorts and discolored. 6 hours someone watched him and failed to call 911. If 911 was called at the first sighting he would still be alive today.
Just so everyone knows the basic background of the death I will explain it the best way I can. People literally watched my brother die. He went to a neighbors for help. She pushed him away and hid from him when he returned for a second time. She remained hunkered down on her porch watching as he was not his normal self. She watched as he was blue in color, “he looked dead" is what the neighbor told me. She described him as looking like the walking dead but alive. But yet she still failed to call 911. No ambulance or police official was called for 6 hours while my brother walked around out of his normal character. Even the neighbor her self said she had never known Michael to do drugs of any sort other than smoke weed and drink . I have never seen or heard of him doing drugs. A man also saw him alive and well the morning of his death. The man that saw him, is also the same man that gave Michael a bottle of open liquor to drink. The neighbor and this man said by 10am Michael was acting funny and both of these people neglected to call 911 for help. This very same man also informed me that he himself had a prescription for Fentanyl.
They watched him be the normal everyday Michael Kennedy at 7am the morning he died. Then at 10am on July 29, 2021, my brother began acting strangely and seeing zombies or unseen things. Yes, he was an alcoholic, but the events that took place are not the events of a drunken stoop. They were unlike Michael Kennedy to behave as such. He has never been known of or seen to do drugs other than weed and alcohol. Fentanyl is my suspicion. Also other drugs such as K2, Spice, Mojo and other synthetic drugs are passed around to our kids and people we know. These people are unaware that they are ingesting chemicals that can lead to their death. So if people are unaware that they are ingesting it, then it is murder not an overdose or suicide.
We are still awaiting the autopsy and toxic screens report from the medical examiner. I believe with ALL my heart, mind and spirit that Fentanyl is the drug that killed my brother and he didn’t know that he was ingesting it. I believe he was unaware that either his weed or alcohol had this added chemical which led to his death. So to me I would consider this manslaughter, not an overdose or suicide. This drug is given by Doctors everyday and is very easy to come across on the streets. People use this to poison people and to lace other items without smell or taste. It can be used without someone’s awareness. Its is used as a silent killer to mimic an overdose or possible natural cause.
However, I know my brother was not a junkie, never has been and until proof, I refuse to believe or entertain that thought. He never gave up on life because of his Son Jason. He loved that boy way to much so suicide was not an option for him. He knew what it was like to have no real father. He always told me how great he would make life for Jason just by being there for his son not just giving him materialistic stuff but mainly stuff money cant buy. Michael didn’t just pass away he was taken from us because of selfishness and greed of this world. Because people want to put drugs out on the street that kills people.
People lace things without others knowing so why not consider it murder? We consider abortion murder because the unborn is human and cant make its own decision. We consider a person who has AIDS and sleeps with another person without telling them about the disease… that’s considered murder. So why cant sitting by watching people die and calling 911 for help be considered a crime. So why cant something be done about people neglecting the wellbeing and welfare of a human being when it is clearly seen that they need medical attention.
People stood by and saw my brother dying and watched for 6 hours. People said he was blue in color and looked dead but walking up to them saying he was seeing things no one else saw. People said they got scared so they told him to leave and get away then they hid when he returned. He could have been coming back to ask them to call for help. He went seeking help from people and no one helped him. My heart cracks and breaks everyday like that of a damaged windshield.
And understand this... even if it was for any other reason than drugs or drugs itself, I just want it known that people just stood by and watched him dying for 6 hours, which makes them heartless, selfish and negligent. It should be considered a crime for not aiding and assisting in the life of another. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! My brothers life mattered. I love my baby brother so much. He would have never just sat there and let anyone go threw what he did.
Please share for Michael and preventing the deaths of many other because of the crime of inhumane people. Please sign and share this petition in memory of my baby brother Michael Wayne Kennedy A.K.A. Spider Monkey. I love you! Be a new voice!!! The Good Samaritan Law is not enough!!!
Sponsored by Karen Kennedy
In remembrance of
Michael Wayne Kennedy
Thank you for your support and standing up for what is right, fair and just.
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