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Clubhouse_front.jpgClubhouse_front.2_.jpgAlternate_pool_entrance.jpgAlternate_pool_entrance.2_.jpgSubject:  HOA Representation

We, the residents of Cypress Point & Ivy Ridge, need your help.  We need for you to do your job.  This is not a letter filled with sunshine.  It is to remind you that WE pay YOU.  Therefore, we ask that you immediately stop all letters of violation mailed to the homeowner.  If there is a proposed violation, email the letter, and/or post it on the portal with an email notification.  At least provide the option for the homeowner to choose for paperless notifications. 

The violations… “Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?”  As we walk to the pool, mailbox pods, or casually stroll the neighborhood, we are in view of broken sidewalks, common areas that need cutting, and broken sprinklers causing water damage.  The owners of corner lots get the privilege of seeing their yard destroyed on a weekly basis due to the careless drivers of the construction crews.  These ruts left behind can be at least 8”-10” deep.  What a sight to come home too! 

Yet, with everything we have mentioned above, we get the letters asking us to cut our grass (I find it very difficult to call the sod D.R. Horton lays down, grass).  Understand that we have different trash vendors operating in our neighborhood and that means different trash pick-up days.  It might be wise to know this before you cite someone for having their cans on the street the night before their scheduled pickup.  The pet waste collection bins are at capacity with no bags to scoop poop.  We ask you to observe the installation of the sod.  Historically and repetitively, it looks great for a few days then dies, even with homeowners watering and having the $200 water bill to prove it.  The sod will sit on a pallet for days before installation, practically dead.  Installing fescue in this climate is still beyond me.  Some lots look like a baren desert landscape due to cheap sod and lazy installation.  Act now to avoid our neighborhood looking this way.  Issuing residents violations when the common areas and builder areas are a disaster is nonsense.

The way the builder graded this land and its topography have left many homeowners with mild and moderate drainage issues.  Come around after a medium rain shower and observe the standing water, sometimes with a current flowing through the lots. 

At some point will we ever gain access to OUR clubhouse?  It is not yours to hold the key.  Please explain why we can gather at the pool, the BBQ gazebo, the gym, but not the clubhouse. 

These issues are glaring us all in our face daily.  As a reminder, WE pay YOU.  Take this information and discuss it with the builder.  We want to know that there is a plan in place for the correction of these issues.   Our neighborhood is barely two years old but already looks much older than that.  Thank you from the residents of Cypress Point.  This letter is not all inclusive of the on-going issues within the community.  It only scratches the surface.  However, without holding any HOA/community meetings, how would you know this?  Knowing, meeting, and interacting with our HOA would reap dividends.

The following pages are the signatures and addresses from the community residents.

p.s. Please drop the “e” from your Cypress Point (Cypress Pointe) communications.  Our community entrance signs plainly read, Cypress Point.                           

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