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Petition for Media Liberty in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A PETITION TO ALL CHIEF PROSECUTORS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINAFOR URGENT IMPLEMENTATION OF MEASURES AND ACTIVITIES DICTATED BY LAW   Chief prosecutors: Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Prosecutor's Office, Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic Prosecutor's Office of Republika Srpska Prosecutor's Office of Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of the Sarajevo Canton Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of the Zenica-Doboj Canton Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of

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Give me back my child

      Dear Citizens, Dear friends I am a father of a sweet girl that was taken by the Centre for Social Welfare Branch of Zemun and on 31.12.2013 was soon will mark a year since she did not sanama .... Year is approaching and we were not allowed to see it .... the Centre for social Welfare us brutally took the child and placed himself above the law and the court, they were kidnapped child that date and filed a lawsuit 02.05.2014 and since then the battle is for the child before the First Instanc

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Petition for the inclusion of hammer throw in the Diamond League

The hammer throw is an event in athletics with great, more than hundred-year-old, Olympic tradition. In 2000 the women’s competition was incorporated into the Olympic Programme and since then has shown steady growth both in number of participants, and number of World Records. Nevertheless, this development is thwarted by the continual exclusion of the event from stadiums and the non-integration in the competition programme of the Diamond League. In order to keep up with the ever-growing particip

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Pozivamo ljude van Novog Sada da ovim putem podrze Peticiju koju je pokrenulo Udruzenje za zastitu zivotinja Novi Sad: *Da se sadašnje prihvatilište odmah zatvori, jer ne zadovoljava osnovne uslove; *Da se utvrdi odgovornost nadležnih ako se prihvatilište u izgradnji ne otvori u zakonskom roku i da se ostvari saradnja prihvatilišta i udruženja, kako bi rad prihvatilišta bio transparentan; *Da se neefikasne i parcijalne mere rešavanja problema napuštenih pasa zamene; *Da se Zakon o dobrobiti ži

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Merge All EU Servers (English, French, German)

Seeing as how everyday population is dropping, and how Allods became called Facebook (More chatting, less playing). We the players of all the EU shards wish for gPotato to merge our servers so that we cna get back to playing.   Voyant que la façon dont tous les jours la population est en baisse, et comment Allodspris le nom de Facebook (Plus sur le Chat, moins de jeu). Nous, les joueurs de tous leséclats de l'UE souhaitent pour gPotato de fusionner nos serveurs afin que nous l'AIIC seremettre à

141 Created: 2011-02-07 Statistics

Soldier of Fortune 2 must stay

Dear gamers, let me first introduce myself, My name is <~YB~> Wishal from Young And Old Boys clan server ( and the reason why I am making this petition is because our beloved game Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer is about to die.. We can't choose a server from the online server list and that's not a personal problom. No, every player has the same problems, it could be that we can't play online anymore.So pleas, sign this petition because your help is needed to play

323 Created: 2011-01-09 Statistics

Lironi ariun! Release the bear!

(English version below the Albanian text)   Shiko videon! Watch the video!    Pronarit të Restorantit Vjosa: Kam parë këto imazhe të tmerrshme të një ariu që mbahet në kafaz në restorantin tuaj. Ai mbahet në kushte të mjerueshme dhe degraduese për arsye të pakuptueshme. Në fakt, vuajtjet e tij mund të shihen qartë përmes fotografive dhe videos së postuar në internet. Njeriu nuk mund të kënaqet në restorantin tuaj duke parë në të njëjtën kohë këtë kafshë të pafajshme që vuan në kushte kaq mizore

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