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Free "The Field" in Corcaghan

At Very last minute, the Garda have shut down "The Field", in Corcaghan, a community  organised outdoor, drive-in event space. There has been a lot of time,risk assessment,insurance & equipment costs put into the last few weeks,not to mention community spirit, and we would love the support of the public to get behind this. Your at more risk buying a litre of Milk..and we wanted this to be a huge BOOST to people's morale & mental health.  Thanks everyone, and we look forward to welcoming

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Allow cafes put seating outside.

While unclean non sanitised seating and benches are all over the country are available to sit on during the covid-19 pandemic, cafes are not allowed put out sanitised clean seats for their customers, having a take away coffee. I am calling on the Goverment to allow cafes provide limited seats outside their premises to help them survive during this crisis 

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Reset / Repeat current school year in Sept 2020

An online petition to ask the government to let all classes and years just restart the school year they lost out on. No need to reschedule dates of anything, just start again in September. From Junior Infants up to Leaving Cert. Everybody will benefit and regain what they lost hopefully.    Our children have lost out on so much and some in particular will lose out on so much more. Communion classes, sixth classes expected to go straight to Secondary school.  Please sign and let's start again in

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No golf for Over 70's.

Recent covit-19 guidlines do not allow over 70 to play golf on 18th May.

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We need this game to be remastered, it has been 16 years, Sold almost 13million copies in 7 years on the ps2 platform. There is that many playing online on ps4 on a daily basis.   PLEASE SIGN TO GET ROCKSTAR TO RECOGNIZE OUR WANT.!

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Burn the drumstick fam

We are appalled by the disgusting behaviour on TikTok. This should be BURNED!!!!!!!

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No To 5G in Carrickmacross and Surrounding Areas

We need to ensure the installation of 5G in our town will not be carried out. 5G has been shown to cause detrimental impact on health and is deemed unsafe. We don't need it. Please join me and spread this far and wide

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Ojamo mine opening for all divers

English version below! Hyvät Lohjan kaupungin edustajat, Tämän vetoomuksen allekirjoittajat edustavat ryhmää suomalaisia ja kansainvälisiä sukeltajia, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita sukeltamisesta Lohjan Ojamon kaivoslammella ja haluavat Ojamon Tekniikkasukeltajat ry:lle oikeuden järjestää siellä sukellustapahtumia.                                                                                   Yhdistyksen tavoite on tarjota oikeudenmukaisesti ja avoimesti kaikille sukeltajille mahdollisuus sukelta

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Sign this Virtual Mass Card for Victims of Covid-19 From the Achill Island Community

This is not your regular petition, this is one of prayer. Each day the number of victims and fatalities is increasing here in Ireland and worldwide. Funerals are being held without service or mourners. It is a time unseen before here in Ireland. We here in Achill would like to offer a petition of prayer for all of the grieving families, for all those ill at this time and for those who died because if this pandemic.  This is a non denominational prayer petition and if you are not the praying type

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Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.

This petition is to show support for the naming of the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams who lost his life during the construction of the tunnel on May 23rd 2017. To name this tunnel after a well respected man is a small token of appreciation for both the memory of Jim and his family.

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