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One of Europe's Great Dog Women has been permanently suspended by the Swedish Kennel Club to judge because she inadvertently accepted multiple invitations on the same date. While this is an unacceptable act for a judge we the undersigned feel that it is a shame and terrible loss to the dog world to lose such a knowledgeable judge who has dedicated her whole life to the fancy. Annika has had a rich life in dogs spanning nearly a half a century. She has successfully bred and shown world famous Lha

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Improve Road Safety Along the R154 in Trim, Co. Meath.

The Dublin Road is arguably the busiest road in Trim, serving commuters, walkers, school children, bus routes and over a thousand households daily. A combination of this high level of usage and a lack of certain facilities have meant that the Dublin Road has become more and more dangerous for all users over the past few years. This campaign is to bring local government’s attention to these issues and to have these issues improved, for safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of all of Trim’s residents an

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Let Papa Roche out Saturday for a few

Lisa free Jay stumpy papa Roche for a few drinks Saturday 1/10/16 

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To increase cardiac care in WUH

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ITS ABOUT WE GET SOME OF THAT GOODNESS, it ain't fair that we have to suffer through no Dunkin Donuts when the US are still opening ones weekly maybe even daily.

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Hugh the foot model modelling

hi, I'm hugh mungus and I'm trying to get back into the foot modelling industry, your signature could be the game changer. i need these signatures to prove to my manager Dave that I still got what it takes, I am not obsolete, I am a foot 

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Ardabil is waiting for the train...

 Hi, after two decades from the starting day of Ardabil-Miyaneh Railway Foundation, the train hasn't reach to Ardabil yet! The people of the region have been hopeful since governments and parliament members made promises all these years but now we are aware that none of those were true. By the mean of this petition, we, the people of Ardabil, Call for all Iranians to help us reaching our voice to Parliament Members, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and the President of Islamic Republic

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Save Our School Dentist

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Get John Delaney Out

Petition to get John Delaney out of the fai

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Grimm S6 should not be the last

I belive that Grimm season six should not be the last season of the amazing show. I always watch Grimm each night it is on and in my spare time I watch it too and would love it to have more seasons and if you belive it should too please sign this petition. 

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Marc Boylan to Dye His Hair Black for Charity

This petition is being set up to encourage Marc Boylan to dye his hair absolute boot polish black like the same colour as a Nazi's boot before the war started. Just for the one night of the white collar in aid of the charity we are all supporting. Marc Boylan has a rare allergy called gym-phobia so there is absolutely no chance of getting him in to the ring.    But we know if we get 100 people to sign this petition he will definitely do it, and if we get 500 people to sign it and he does it I wi

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Let Michael Conlon fight in the Olympics Semi final

Never ha's there been a clearer Victor when Michael beat his Russian opponent. This is evidenced by the Russian withdrawal from the Semi finals Due to injury from the fight. The decision was wrong, it was robbery.  With Vladimir Nikitin's exit, let's right a wrong. Let's get Michael Conlon  Fighting instead of a walkover fight. Sign if you agree! 

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Neuter Daniel Luns

Help stop this sex pest. 10 signatures for each of his bollocks should be enough to get him spayed. Let's make Dublin a safe place for women and children again.

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Put Jack Sheridan down!!!


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Bring Sephora to Ireland

Sephora is a chain of cosmetics stores it's features over 300 brands offering beauty products such as hair, make up, nails, skin and perfumes. It has 1700 stores in 30 countries worldwide but Ireland is not one of them. Please sign this petition and join me and thousands of other make up lovers to get Sephora to come to Ireland 

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Don't let kids down save Eddie the kindest man

My son has gone to and from school every day with the nicest man and then Therese his chaperone. They have minded my baby and his four mates daily brought to school and home . Eddie has lost his contract to some one we dont know and nor do our kids.  Welcome to the world of Autism they like who they like you can't change it every year. These kids love Ed. please help us with a 14 day appeal.  

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Help Yvonne McNulty's Galway dream come true

Well.. Yvonne is a young lady looking to enjoy life, the summer months and her teenage years by having fun and living life to the max. Apart of this living is her going away on holiday with her friends and enjoying herself. Yvonne's friends are going to Galway in a few days but Yvonnes parents have prohibited her attendance. She is devistated by this and her and her friends are doing everything they can to turn Yvonnes parents heads. If you sign this petition you are guarenteed a can curtousy of

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Support live music in Los Alcazares

It seems that the powers that be in Los Alcazares have a very narrow minded view on entertainment in the area. They seem to dismiss the amount of money & jobs that the entertainment provided by bars & restaurants brings in to the area. There also seems to be a discrepancy in how the local authorities in Los Alcazares, deal with complaints about music in bars & restaurants. You could think anyone who has been to venues in the area will have noticed that some bars are allowed to conti

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Eritrea፡We believe the Pfdj regime is a threat to Eritrea and to the horn Africa region

We Eritreans after independence have thought that things would go well and Eritrea would march along the bright paths of development,construction, achievements,liberity,social justice and examplery administration .Unfortunately PFDJ centralized all decision making,jurisdiction, and took all power away from the hands of the people.Our country eventhough blessed with natural resources ,a hardworking people and a strategic position suitable for conducting business and tourism activities,it is not e

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