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United sports ireland 32

Sports is the best form of commradery in the world above race or religion let's take a leaf out of the book of irish rugby and join together to achieve something together as 32 counties let's face it both Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland can and will not move forward in soccer unless this is done we will only go backwards I urge people to realise this and do what is best for Irish soccer.  

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Dublin for IGC2024

The Geographical Society of Ireland is bidding to host the International Geographical Congress in Ireland in 2024. The Royal Irish Academy as the adhering organisation to IGU fully endorses this bid, and the GSI will take the lead role in the organisation and promotion of the event. We have garnered significant local, national and international support to host this event in Dublin. Add your name to the growing list of supporters by signing our letter of support. 

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Please help to free M. Kaboudwand from Iran's prison.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon United Nations New York, NY 10017 United State, Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,  Mr. M. Seddigh Kaboudvand the founder of Kurdistan Human Rights organization after he was denied to see his ill son went on hunger strike . Now he is on its 23 th days of hunger strike in Islamic regime's prison (he has been in custody since June 2007). His life is in a grate danger , due to the hunger strike his health is in critical condition . Since early morning today he went on

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Legalize Cannabis In Ireland

If You Believe Cannabis Should Be Legalized In Ireland Sign The Petition.  Legalize It Regulate It  Tax It, Grow The Economy  Legalize 2016

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Make our polish mate stay Ireland

Our polish mate Damo wants to leave the country DONT LET HIM LEAVE!!!!!nu

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Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

UPDATE 2018-01-05 Norwegian: ULVENE TRENGER DIN STEMME NÅ! Norge er i gang med den største lisensslakta på ulv på 40 år! 16 av 16 ulv er allerede skutt i Julussa- og Osdalsreviret hittil i år. I tillegg kan 26 ulv til skytes. Ulvens Dag skal til Klima- og Miljødepartementet torsdag 11. januar og vi trenger så mange underskrifter som mulig! Sammen med Naturvernforbundet, WWF, NOAH og Foreningen Våre Rovdyr skal vi vise regjeringen at folk flest vil ha ulv i norsk natur!   Samtidig pågår en retts

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Hillerød kommune in Denmark, return William to his loving mother Hermina and stop snatching children from their loving parents

  Every year, a lot  of children are removed from their families in Denmark because they are not "good enough" for their children. Many babies are separated from their mothers right after birth, because the state considers that other families would be a better match than the biological parents. The most terrific thing that could happen to a mother is that her baby is taken away from her. This also happed to Hermina, a single mother based in Denmark, whose baby was forcefully taken from her, wit

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Please give a legit explanation why team Thailand lost two points and does not allow substitutions s

Another one petition website, pls sign it too! On behalf of Thailand Volleyball fan,We just watched volleyball game between Thailand-Japan. That's very fantastic match during game I appreciate their agility & willful that made it's a good match until come along to final set(5sets). THE REFEREE gave 2 yellows cards while ......1. Thailand lead 12-6 , Thai's coach tried to put the button for substitution his p

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Social movement of Iranians کمپین مردمی ایرانیان برای جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران

     کمپین مردمی جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران در امریکا جناب آقای بان کی مون دبیر کل محترم سازمان ملل متحد ما امضاکنندگان این بیانیه به‌عنوان جمعی از ملت ایران درخواست داریم که به نامه اعتراضی دولتمان به جنابعالی در مورد حکم دادگاه‌های امریکا درباره برداشت غیرقانونی دو میلیارد دلار از اموالمان در این کشور کاملا توجه کرده و از این امر که خلاف رویه بین‌المللی است به‌شدت و قاطعانه جلوگیری فرمایید    الحملة الشعبیة لمنع الولایاتالمتحدة عن سحب غیر المشروع من الممتلکات الشعب الإیرانی

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Kenneth Giles for Eurovision staging 2017

This is a petition to get Kenneth Giles to be the creative director for the Eurovision 2017 for Irelands entry, its about time Ireland RTE gave someone else the chance, as Kenneth has got a great eye for creativity and staging with years of experience he should have a chance. Please sign this petition so we can send it to RTE so Kenneth can have the chance he deserves 

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Release The Irish Land Registry Files

In the battle between Free State soldiers and Republicans at the Four Courts in Dublin during the Irish Civil War a considerable amount of records were lost including the census carried out before 1901. This means that Irish Genealogists and Historians have a big gap in the available records. This gap can in some way be bridged by the Land Registry files. These files show the activities of the Land Registry and show who was given land when the encumbered estates were broken up. This helps geneal

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Romania to Eurovision 2016!

PRO TV and Ovidiu Anton join forces to bring Eurovision 2016 in Romania! Ovidiu Anton is the artist chosen by Romanians to represent the country at Eurovision. The exclusion from the competition only 2 weeks before the start is a major disappointment for Ovidiu and his Romanian supporters after all the eforts that were invested to get to this point. The song "Moment of Silence" deserves to be heard on the stage in Stockholm and the Romanian viewers deserve to see this event. This way, Ovidiu’s e

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Stop Jacob sartorious coming to Europe

If you so happen to hate Jacob sartorius as well as me, you may sign this petition and if you hate Jacob and also live in Europe then I REALLY  recommend you to sign this petition!! Please if you have a mind then sign this petition. This petition isint just for people in Europe its also for people who hate him. Thanks :))) Lots of sense!!! beth xoxo spread the word!!!!!

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Catalina Ponor at Rio 2016

   A gymnast with such dedication deserves to follow her dream. Let s support her ! We love You Cata ! Una persona con semejante dedication merece cumplir su sueno. Vamos a apoyarla!  Te queremos,Cata!   Un om cu o asemenea dăruire merita  sa își împlinească visul.Haideti sa o sprijinim .Te iubim Cata!

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Waterpolo, also for girls!

  The Board of Directors of the Royal Belgian Swimming Federation, wants to get rid of mixed youth teams for children between 11 and 18 years old. The reason behind this decission is the "integrity" of the girls. The Board fears any possible "irregularities" towards girls in the changing rooms, or in the swimming pool.   For girls who choose to play waterpolo, this means they won't be able to play waterpolo anymore, starting from season 2016-2017. Because no Belgian team has enough girls to sta

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Preservation of Italian language at Jyväskylä University

Italian kielen säilyttäminen Jyväskylän yliopistossa. Jyväskylän yliopisto aikoo luopua italian oppiaineesta kokonaan. Tällä hetkellä Jyväskylän yliopisto on ainoa yliopisto Helsingin pohjoispuolella, jossa on mahdollista opiskella italian kieltä aineopintotasolla, ja valmistua romaanisen filologian maisteriksi italia kieleen liittyvällä gradulla.    Jos näin tapahtuisi, yliopistotasoinen italian kielen ja kulttuurin opetus olisi rajoitettu vain Turun ja Helsingin yliopistoihin. Italian niemimaa

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Reinstate 1 yr Applied Ba ECCE @ Carlow IT for higher capitation

We are asking the Department of Education ,Early Years policy unit to reinstate the 1 year Applied BA in ECCE at Carlow IT as acceptable for higher capitation . We are asking that you engage in a more meaningful way with our sector with regard to qualifications, instead of consistently making changes to the DCYA acceptable qualifications list. This course was a 'Bridge' to a Degree ,a chance for our sector to formalize qualifications which were achieved (before ECCE degrees were available to us

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Pro lingua Latina in Jyväskylä

Latinan kielen säilyttäminen Jyväskylän yliopistossa Jyväskylän yliopisto on lakkauttamassa latinan oppiaineen kokonaan. Jos näin todella tapahtuu, katkeaa perinne, jota on vaikea palauttaa enää myöhemmin, ja yliopisto ottaa askeleen pois sivistysyliopiston ihanteesta. Latinan kielestä hyötyvät monet tahot, ja vastaavasti näiden tahojen toiminta vaarantuu jos latina poistuu. Latinan tarvitsijoita löytyy filosofian opiskelijoista historian tutkijoihin ja kuoroista yliopiston viestintään, eikä ta

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Play Sunlight by Nicky Byrne on Irish radio

Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland at this years Eurovision in Sweden with his song "Sunlight" the song for whatever reason has received very little AirPlay. Regardless of personal opinion  Nicky's going out there to represent the country and  it would be great if we could get the song played in the lead up to the show and all get behind him.

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Disgraceful Virgin media service

If anyone has been experiencing the disastrous broadband, TV phone service with Virgin media. Getting no help from there customer service team, requesting call backs from supervisors and getting no calls..... Please sign this petition maybe seeing in bulk how many disgruntled customers they have on one link will make them either let us out of contracta or offer us something for the bad service 

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