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Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz

January 11, 2021 ADDENDUM TO BAR COMPLAINT:   On or about December 20, 2020, I filed a bar complaint against attorney Matt Gaetz for his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election, in abrogation of his oath of office, as a waste of valuable court resources, filed in bad faith and without any basis in the law.  Since that time, much has transpired.  Rather than being chastened in his comportment, on or about January 6, 2021 (and in the days leading up to that date) Mr. Gaetz made se

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Save Ms Gleeson

Ms Gleeson will be leaving us when we go on Christmas holidays sign this for her to stay

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Stopping traffic through Moyclare & Parkvale from St. Neasains School

This petition is being set up to put an end to parents driving into our estates to drop off & collect kids from St. Neasains school. These estates are only one way in and out and the amount of cars that come through here to the school has gotten very bad with lines of cars trying to get in and out of the estate. This causes problems for the residents, if we are trying to leave our estate at these school drop off & collection times we are faced with all these parents driving right up to t

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**UPDATE** This issue has been successfully resolved and residents will be allowed to have decorations on their own rooms.

This year, 2020, St. Mary's Nursing Home situated in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, have made the arbitrary decision to not put up Christmas decorations for residents this Christmas due to covid 19.  These residents are already largely confined to  and isolated in their rooms as it is. Visits are very infequent and up until recently took place by means of viewing one family member hrough their closed window for 15 mins.  These people, with a lifetime of experience behind them and who have likely been

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Petition to have the title removed from "Sir" Charles Edward Trevelyan

This is a petition to appeal to the people of Britain for the removal of the title "Sir" from Charles Edward Trevelyan, the man who orchestrated the systematic export of food from Ireland during the mid to late 1840's, which left the poorer class of native Irish people who were forcibly dependent on potatoe crops as a soul source of food and nutrition, as over 90% of agricultural land in Ireland at the time was owned by the minority British class, and absentee british landowners. Food relief wa

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Help Adam Godley to access his education, by petitioning Ireland's Minister for Education, Norma Foley

Hello everyone, My name is Adam Godley and my dad Brian and my mom Mary are setting up this petition for me. We, the Godley family call upon Ireland's Minister for Education, Norma Foley, the Department of Education and my special school to please, uphold my inalienable and imprescrible rights in my country, as stated in the Irish Constitution, to allow me to go back to school again.   In this petition mom is including a video. As we already set up a Petition for me a few days ago on a different

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‘Close the windows and shut the doors or close the schools’

No child should be expected to sit in freezing cold conditions through this pandemic. The health and safety off our children should be a main priority, education is secondary when this can be achieved remotely in the warmth off our childrens home. 

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Save our Suicide Awareness wall in town plaza and Tree of Hope in the Town Park Charleville

Save our Suicide Awareness wall in Charleville town plaza and the Tree of Hope in the Town Park Charleville. Our wall was created in 2012 in memory of all who have died through Suicide in Charleville and the surrounding areas. Charleville Suicide Awareness Project maintains this wall and the flower pots adjoining beautifully throughout each year and we endeavour to hold our National Suicide Awareness Day Event in the Plaza in front of this wall every year. The Tree of Hope and the bench in the t

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The NI Taxi industry deserves better support

The Stormont Executive via Nichola Mallon has offered the taxi £1500 per driver to help with the extra costs of Covid and the lose of income. This is less than £10 per day to pay bills & buy food as many driver's haven't worked due to shielding and have fallen through the different grants schemes.  We're calling on the NI Assembly to provide drivers with better support and we'd ask you to sign our petition to show you're behind us. 

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Ryanair Refunds Petition

This is a petition against Ryanair in regard to flight cancellations/refunds.  We as customers are unhappy that we are having to wait 3-4 months or more for our refunds paid in good faith for flights booked. Ryanair are breaching EU regulation 261/2004 by taking this length of time to process customer refunds. We as a customer are unhappy that we are being fobbed off with delay tactics used by Ryanair.  As a customer we want this investigated and penalties imposed on Ryanair for breach of EU reg

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