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Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 plans to allow members of the public to dock tails and remove dew claws from puppies. Vets are not allowed to perform these acts of mutilation and members of the public should certainly not be permitted as they have no access to pain relief. Please sign to make this barbaric practice illegal.  

Created: 2013-11-10 Statistics

24 No More

Opposing current working conditions in hospitals run by the Health Services Executive in Ireland. Junior doctors in Ireland are working illegal, dangerous hours. Many are rostered for shifts in excess of 36 hours. Despite endless broken deadlines the HSE has completely failed to introduce EWTD compliant rotas. We, as medical students are signing this petition in solidarity with our future colleagues , and also sending a message that we will continue the fight for better conditions once we ar

Created: 2013-09-17 Statistics

Support for Slieverue Youth Club

This petition is to show support for Slieverue Youth Club so they may be allowed access to the parish hall under the existing leaders

Created: 2013-02-18 Statistics

Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti

The government of Bonaire wants to capture all 200 stray donkeys that roam the island and send them to Haiti to be used as working animals. I completely agree that the stray donkeys must be rescued from the streets. Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire has already been trying to get this done for many years. But because they do not get any financial support from the government they did not succeeded to do so until now. However, I do not agree with the governmental plan to send the captured donkeys to Ha

Created: 2012-07-12 Statistics

Jolly Mariner Apartments - Satelite Dish Restriction

To whom it may concern On the 23.09.2013 most of the Jolly Mariner residents received a letter from the Galway Property Management in regards to their satellite dishes installed on their balconies. Below you can read the content of this letter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Residents We note that you have a satelite dish installed on the outside of the building. I atta

Created: 2013-09-24 Statistics

Local Postal Services

An Post has moved its sorting offices from Phibsborough Post Office, to Bannow Road. There has been no consultation with any residents' association on this issue, nor with our representatives as far as we know. Many of our local people, including the elderly, those with children and our disabled residents, wonder how they are to get to the new sorting office to collect registered letters or parcels, as there is no public transport to the industrial estate on which it is located and only

Created: 2013-11-28 Statistics

Dog Dragged to Death

On Friday April 20, a dog was tied to the back of a car and dragged to death on the Gyeongbuk expressway in Seoul, South Korea. A police investigation is underway to find the person(s) responsible for this malicious crime. Eyewitnesses have provided video footage and the license plate number to Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) ( CARE has handed this evidence to the Seocho police station, filed an official police report, and is doing everything possible to support t

Created: 2012-04-23 Statistics

Petition for the inclusion of hammer throw in the Diamond League

The hammer throw is an event in athletics with great, more than hundred-year-old, Olympic tradition. In 2000 the women’s competition was incorporated into the Olympic Programme and since then has shown steady growth both in number of participants, and number of World Records. Nevertheless, this development is thwarted by the continual exclusion of the event from stadiums and the non-integration in the competition programme of the Diamond League. In order to keep up with the ever-growing particip

Created: 2013-09-09 Statistics

Save "Kims Animal Rescue" Kennels from demolition Order

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION AND ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN US TO SAVE THE KENNELS AT OUR RESCUE CENTRE FROM A DEMOLITION ORDER FROM THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT Should we meet this deadline we must go forwrad with a petition to the local townhall to allow the kennels to stay We hope you join us in our desperate campaign and also join us on our facebook page Following an emergency meeting with our lawyer today we have until Monday at 9am to put in an appeal to stop th

Created: 2013-06-27 Statistics

Support for Ballynagross F.C. In obtaining a pitch

Ballynagross F.C. & Ballynagross Shamrocks are currently trying to obtain a full size football pitch in Saul. If you would like to show your support for a local football team please sign this petition and share with family and friends

Created: 2013-11-09 Statistics

Save Pomegranate Restaurant

After an 18-month sustained campaign of harassment led by a neighbour, Pomegranate Restaurant (located at Antigua Street, Edinburgh) is being forced to remove ALL the lighting and signage from their business. The attached photo shows their "offensive" menu boards and their "eyesore" restaurant frontage. Having to comply with this order will have serious negative repercussions for this extremely popular restaurant. It will, in all likelihood, cost the owners and the many staff that they employ t

Created: 2013-10-12 Statistics

Petition in favour for Marica Pirosikova - EHCR

Petition in favour for Marica Pirosikova for election to the position of judge at the ECHR To:  Council of Europe On the 4. December 2013 the Slovak Government approved the Judicial council of the Slovak Republic proposal of candidates for the office of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judge as follows: JUDr. Andrea Krišková, JUDr. Ondrej Laciak, PhD. and JUDr. Marica Pirošíková. On Friday 13th December 2013 and Monday 16th December 2013 statements and articles of Aliancia Fair-play´s

Created: 2013-12-23 Statistics

Give Zynga Customer Support back to non-VIP players

Fellow Mafia Wars Players. Throughout the time, people have had access to Zynga Customer Support, but those days are over. Well, at least for the ones that don't have VIP. Before VIP came, everyone playing the game had access to the support. When VIP came out, it was slowly taken away from those without it. At first it was only the livechat, but after a little while it was also the option to email them. Now there's no way for those without VIP to get in contact with Zynga Customer Support. What

Created: 2013-12-12 Statistics

Stop shooting students

BACKGROUND - There was unbelievable chaos in the Al Quds University in Abu Dis, Palestine on 17th November. Not for the first time, the Israeli army tried to invade the university. Today they used live ammunition as well as rubber bullets. From a 3rd year student : Today the University was in a complete turmoil. The Israeli occupation forces attacked us inside the University using live ammunition as well as rubber bullets against students trying to get in to the University but the students res

Created: 2013-11-18 Statistics

Keep our crossing safe in tubbercurry

Please add your name to this petition and stop the crazy parking in tubbercury. Check out the photos on the Facebook page "lazy feckers parking in tubbercury"

Created: 2013-12-20 Statistics

this is a petition with regards to and war commander and the new updates IE the new hanger and the new way we can only repair are air this petition is to as kixeye to keep the new hanger but revert back to the old way of repair ing are air with out being or felling bullied into having to coin all the air that we not need to coin 1) we want kixeye to revert back to old way of repairing are air 2 ) keep the hanger but yes only replace fully repaird air 3) it kixeye dont agree to this we

Created: 2013-11-15 Statistics


Dear Graduates, I have taken my time to start this petition, in order to achieve the increase of job opportunities for graduates in Ireland (especially more rural areas). The existing system of recruitment makes it impossible for newly graduates and graduates in general to obtain job positions in many spheres. Graduates are often denied the position because of lack of work experience and are often offered to undertake internships that aren't paid sufficiently for and workplacements that are also

Created: 2013-10-23 Statistics

JMC Inspiration Touchstone

Jason McRoy was one of the pioneers of international downhill mountain biking and his efforts and exploits on the international and national stage endeared him to the public and helped establish him as a leading figure in UK cycling. Inducted into two National Cycling Halls of Fame, Jason was well known and respected by his peers and fans. His untimely death in 1995 at the age of 23 when his career was still developing was a great loss to the world of cycling. However, his legacy has aencouraged

Created: 2013-10-23 Statistics

Bet365 to add Win + BTTS Market

Every Other bookie has it! Come on Bet365 get on this!

Created: 2013-12-02 Statistics

Justice For Criccieth Ponies

We the undersigned call on the Welsh Pony and Cob Society to exersice and invoke the powers held by the Society to call to order and discipline Mr Evan Lloyd Evans of Pencarth Uchaf Farm, Chwilog, Pwlheli. The grounds for this are, On 19th November 2013, he  received a ten week prison sentence and has been banned from keeping horses for ten years after being found guilty of multiple animal welfare offences. As a life member of the Society, we the undersigned agree that his conduct in his due car

Created: 2013-11-21 Statistics