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Let Children Go Back to School

Covid may infect our kids but children are half as likely to get covid as adults. It's a very rare chance that they may get seriously ill. But no schooling is adversely affecting 100% of our kids. It's leading to a terrible loss of learning, hampering skill development, and crippling the emotional well-being of our children, among several other immediate and long term repercussions. We will be causing irreparable damage to the entire next generation if we do not open schools immediately. As per

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Stranded UAE Indians wants to return to their families and Jobs

Respected Honourable Minister,This petition request for your kind intervention and help the stranded Indian Citizen with UAE Residents Visa. Many Indian national came from UAE to meet their families, mourn on death of immediate family members, medical treatment and for vacation leave of their kids. Due to travel restrictions imposed by UAE, many of them are suffering for various reasons as listed below:1/ Their spouse and children are separated and living in UAE 2/ Employment is at stake from th

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Grow Manipur Team (GMT) na namthak toukhiba leite

Grow Manipur Team (GMT) haibasi eikhoi Wakhallon mannabasing punsinjaduna esa esana yajaduna yaojabani. GMT na ngasifaoba eingonda namthak touba natraga sel hatpa leikhidri. Eigi fangfam thokpa hak GMT na matkhiba leitri. Lockdown/Curfew na maram oiraga tha (month) khara GMT office closed touraba faobada amuk GMT office open tourakpada numit masing amatta chitthadana GMT na fugattuna esa esagi fangfam thokpa benefit sing fanghanduna lakli. GMT da athingba thamba anadi GMT bu thugainaba silliba s

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Recognition of the members elected as the Industrial Liaison Cell Co-ordinators.

I hereby declare that I recognize the outcome of the election which was held on 9th May 2021 (MME)/12th May 2021 (ME) for the post of ILC Co-ordinators for the session 2021-22. The following individuals were elected as per the first-past-the-post voting method MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING: PARTH CHAKRABORTY KUMAR SATYAM SHUBHAM KUMAR NARIGOLLA RAJASEKHAR  AKANKSHA SHRIVASTAVA METALLURGY AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING: VISHAL SRIVASTAVA ABHAY JHA MOHIT BABU ABHISHEK RANJAN SHRITI SINHA The election was c

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Messi to ATFC(Ayappa temple football club)

Pls sign to get messi to our very own ayappa temple football club as messi is a free agent right now. Thank you   

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Reduction in fees

Hello everyone      As we all know that we all are in a pandemic situation. Since last year we couldn't go to the collage. And due the 2nd wave of covid we may go to college or may not. So I was thinking of reduction in fees, because i'am facing a financial problem & I know that many of u also facing the same problem, so I thought to write a letter & request to the principal for reduction in fees. If u all are ok with this I'll go a head.

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Change the end semester

The end semester examination for second and third year students starts on 5th of June and it is impossible to follow the guidelines mentioned in the mail sent to the students.The college should remember the fact that we are still in a pandemic situation and not go so hard on the students. We have just received the instructions for our proctored end semester exams and we have certain queries regarding that. 1) It is mentioned that exam will be conducted for 3 hrs and 30 mins(excluding the time fo

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Dear all students corona isn't stopped yet and also new delta virus cases are coming around the city. In this tough situation its hard to get in college as around from every corner of the city students will come and if any postive victim is found in the students or college whole college will be in high trouble. We should wait a bit more before opening college fully it can lead the city to come in more chaos. Sign this petition and let the Authorities know its the matter of health and STUDENT HEA

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Online classes is not equal to offline exams

To,  The principal Bhavans vivekananda college sanikpuri Sub: Petition on demand to conduct online exams. Respected sir,                 As of this pendamic we are attending online classes for around last 1 year. Now when its time for exams they are conducting offline written exams which is not at all fair and safe. The online classes many time had many technical issues and sitting in front of your laptop for 6 hours and study is very difficult. Also at home we didn't had classroom like environm

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Exemption or Reduction of Semester Fees for the students of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology affected financially by Global Pandemic

The global Pandemic Situation created by Corona Virus and the Lockdown have severely affected the families of many studentsThe cyclones like Amphan in 2020 and Yaas in 2021 have worsened the situation ,causing further Detoriation in their Financial Condition.In these difficult times it has become very difficult for the students to clear their Semester Fees.So we students are appealing to the concerned department of our University, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology to consider this

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