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Conduct the 2021 examination online of thapar polytechnic College patiala

Sir , please it's a humble request to take the examination of thapar polytechnic students online as because the classes were taken online so the papers must be in the same way and  there are students who live far away from college and can't come to appear in examination as because of traveling problems and because of covid-19 parents are also scared of this pandemic situation and there is no clue for vaccine right now. So we all are requesting psbte to change the decision of conducting the exami

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Mandays policy amendment for work from home

In regards to, our management has failed to provide us a valid reply for the question we have asked about working daysWe need 5 days working as told by the HR when we got selected and agreed to join in the first place .We are facing trouble accepting this sudden change in the policy to work for 6 days because many things are changing with it( like some used to study or do some productive things other than the job they have in their 4 woffs a month)Despite our salaries being appraised only work i

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Respected sir,I'm writing this on behalf of the students of 2019 batch(2nd year). As we all know that we are facing a global pandemic since March 2020 due to which our studies has been shifted to online mode resulting in more difficulty understanding new subjects and concepts and there is high risk of getting infected by the corona virus. We request you to conduct our upcoming exams in online mode for our safety. Moreover many of us can not manage to come and give exams at the college premises d

Created: 2021-01-17 Statistics

Students Voice Should be Heard

We Students of Alexander College have couple of concerns and we believe that college should pay attention to those concerns. Majority of students believe that following are the issues that should be resolved after a discussion between students and college: Waiting list for the courses should be much less than it is now. We feel that there are two ways to do this. First is to hire more staff and second option is to let the students register on first come first serve basis, rather than prioritizin

Created: 2021-07-11 Statistics

Reduce KC College SYJC fees

Dear students at KC COLLEGE. given the impact of coronavirus and especially quarantine measure most of the students have severe financial issues. In addition with current government restrictions on movements and college closure students will not attend college physically. There is a vast difference in the fees of students studying in the same college considering that and the current situation, the fees should be reduced. By signing this petition you agree with me on- •Reduction of fees for UA/A

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National Philosophers Day

National Philosophers day Namaste to all , #National_Philosophers_day must be celebrated on Vyasa poornima.Since BhagavanVedavyasa is original source and guru for all renowned Philosophers like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya,Vallabhacharya,Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and many other great Vedic philosophers of our society. Vedavyasa is the Father of Indian Philosophy Why Vedavyasa? ◆He is Paramatma himself who incarnated as Vyasa in Dwaparayuga for the request of all De

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Postpone Board Exams due to spike in Covid-19 cases.

Covid-19 second wave may peak in India by mid-April as said by the scientists. The Board examination are also going to be held during the month of May. There are certain states which continue to drive up India's active Covid cases. There was a sudden spurt in covid-19 cases in Bengal and rest of the country which have forced several schools to suspend on- campus lessons. Many schools and colleges across India have emerged as covid clusters since they have re-opened. Then recently many people mig

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MEDICAPS UNIVERSITY DEAR sir/ma'am FROM- STUDENTS   I want to draw the attention of the concented authoritys of MEDICAPS -UNIVERSITY, towards the infrastructure  provided in the class rooms of engineering students ,here i have some pictures of the classrooms please find below in the attachement. i would also like to share that college in taking handsome amount of money in the name of Development fees but ,if you visit the college you will not find any such development   also i would like to say

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Deduction of unnecessary charges from college fees.

To respected principal mam ,        We BBA first year students  would like to thank you and whole teaching staff for providing us the education in the online mode in this difficult covid condition. We know as the education system was online for the first time and our teachers have taken extra efforts for giving us the education and they have done it successfully .                             But at the same time as the education was in the online mode and not only education many sectors suffered

Created: 2021-06-09 Statistics

Class 11 exams (DAV) to be online

We want class 11 exams to be conducted online . As the students are not prepared for offline exams . Students have studied online for the whole year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and now the major authorities have decided to take the exams online and this is injustice to the students . There was lack of concept understanding in the online classes. It is not possible for the students to risk their lives and go to the school for the exams due to Covid 19.

Created: 2021-01-16 Statistics