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Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

The Hathras gang rape victim's body has been cremated without consent of family or legal instruction BY on duty Police Officials, as if the gang rape didn't inflict enough pain upon the victim's family. The police officers need  to be penalized for this act on the basis of multiple grounds. Sign this petition to stop the systematic oppression by the police in our country. The police is not the LAW. It is time to wake up and step forward. For we shall not obtain change unless we Create it.

Created: 2020-09-30 Statistics

Justice for the victim and demand of immediate action against the rapists.

Honorable Prime Minister  Responsible Citizens News travels fast in this era of latest technologies and we witness several crimes worth mentioning.   Inhumane act performed against a woman by a gang of 3 man and (I am extremelyshameful to say) a woman is what made me sought out to all the fellow brothers and sisters of our country to jointly and silently spread the awareness among us against such crimes.  From the video that has gone viral we can clearly see how she was tortured and how much pai

Created: 2021-05-26 Statistics

Lunglei Naupang Pawngsualtu Hremna

Lunglei a hmeichhe naupang pawngsualtu hi a damchhung lungin tan tir emaw death sentence pek ni rawh se. Mizoramah naupang pawngsual chingte hremna, na lo te te pek thin an nih avangin tun thlengin naupang pawngsual thu hriat a la ni zel. Tun tum chu sorkarin na tak in hrem se la, la tih ve tum te pawh in an tih loh phah nan leh naupang tam takin misual kut an tawrh tawh lohna turin. POCSO act hnuaiah dam chhung lungin tan (pawngsualtu dam chhung) leh death penalty phal a nih tawh angin, a phu t

Created: 2020-08-17 Statistics

Grow Manipur Team (GMT) na namthak toukhiba leite

Grow Manipur Team (GMT) haibasi eikhoi Wakhallon mannabasing punsinjaduna esa esana yajaduna yaojabani. GMT na ngasifaoba eingonda namthak touba natraga sel hatpa leikhidri. Eigi fangfam thokpa hak GMT na matkhiba leitri. Lockdown/Curfew na maram oiraga tha (month) khara GMT office closed touraba faobada amuk GMT office open tourakpada numit masing amatta chitthadana GMT na fugattuna esa esagi fangfam thokpa benefit sing fanghanduna lakli. GMT da athingba thamba anadi GMT bu thugainaba silliba s

Created: 2021-07-03 Statistics

Lives over exams! Stand for Student safety!

To Mount Carmel College, We are all very much excited indeed, to return back to college but are we ready to put everything on the line for that, endangering not only ourselves but those we love as well?   With the cases increasing day after day, the situation is just getting worse. During such times, it's extremely difficult and dangerous for us to *travel from different states and stay in PGs* . Not to mention, travelling from college to home can also be risky, considering the circumstances her

Created: 2021-03-21 Statistics

Petition to reconsider the College fees during the pandemic

This petition concerns the letter written to SIT administration. If you agree with the letter, please sign it (the letter is attached here and we encourage you to go through it again) Subject – Problems with the annual college fees  We hope this letter finds you well. This letter represents the problems of all the students of all the branches of Siddaganga Institute of Technology about the proposed fee structure. We would like to highlight a few problems that most of our students are facing: 1. 

Created: 2020-08-19 Statistics

Petition regarding fees waiver

  Sir/Madam      We students of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology,Chennai, India pursuing engineering signing this petition with a hope of minimum 20-50% fees waive. We as student face challenges in paying full university fees i.e. Rs. 2,05,000 due to various circumstances in our family. In this lockdown/ Covid pandemic (Chinese virus) many families have to suffer financially. There is no source of income since the pandemic started, many have lost their jobs, many businesses are at

Created: 2021-05-30 Statistics

Stop unauthorised destruction of private property!

60-year-old heritage structures are being demolished in mere minutes without any intimation or legal papers. MTdC along with MCGM is conducting this unlawful act at our private property in Erangal beach, which is in Malad, Mumbai.   They are undoubtedly doing this with the help of Maharastra Police and certainly without any official orders. This is goon behaviour and unfit for the civil standards set in our society. Law and order need to protect citizens and not threaten them.    I clearly aske

Created: 2021-01-28 Statistics

Every kind of fee including enrollment fee must be waived

To, The Vice-Chancellor University of North Bengal              Sub : Petiton on the demand of waiving every kind of  fee including enrollment fee. Respected sir,                                                 The second wave of corona virus has brought an economic disaster in our families. In this situation, the university authority is demanding an enrollment from us as a kind of examination fee, which is absolutely immoral and inhuman. Many families have lost their jobs and they are spending

Created: 2021-06-18 Statistics

Petition against irrelevant fine amount collection by the Vels University,Pallavaram.

Hon'Chief Minister sir !🙏   We,the students pursuing our degree at VELS UNIVERSITY, Pallavaram Chennai.   During this pandemic we re facing a huge trouble in paying our college fee.   Inspite of these tough situations they didint give any excuse or reduction in the fee amount.Even we paid penalty for both semester and exam fee.   And every year we are paying maintenance fee,insurance fee,cultural fee without even going to the college for the past 1.5 years.   Now they re even asking for addition

Created: 2021-07-06 Statistics