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Online Mode of Examination

All the People knows the exact problems and issues why its very difficult for students' to go on with this physical examination starting from this hazardous virus to transportation and accommodation. It started online everything and thus students are embedded with the knowledge from online and is to be precise little bit unfair to all the students. We the students don't demand to do everything as we wished and demand for but to just look up on the matters and do the same.

Created: 2021-11-18 Statistics

Permission to operate Salon @ 50% capacity in West Bengal during restrictions of COVID19

Subject: Representation to save livelihoods of more than 10 lakh skilled employees of the State of West Bengal working in Salons, Spas, Barber Shops, Beauty Parlours, Hair & Skin Clinics by allowing to operate with 50% occupancy with strict compliance to Safety and Health Guidelines. Salon industry overview: Operating through Large & Small Enterprises, Micro and Ancillary services. Employs 10 lakh professionals from lower socio-economic and educational backgrounds.  Industry comprising o

Created: 2022-01-03 Statistics

Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!

Safoora Zargar, a student activist leader, incarcerated under UAPA for her role in the anti CAA-NRC movement, is being denied regular extensions to complete her MPhil.The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholar

Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Reclaiming our voices: IIT-Kanpur students' petition against proposed alterations of hall rules and procedures.

We are the IIT-Kanpur student campus janta. Some of us currently enrolled, some of us students of the past. It is our contention that over the last 19 months the true student representations in academic, residential and administrative decisions have largely disappeared. Student issues have either been lost, diluted, trivialized, ignored or coerced away. Perhaps nothing captures this more than the most recent “committee recommendation report” set to be tabled to Senate E-meeting 544 on 25th Octob

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

Online petition regarding NEET PG 2022

I Dr. Virendra Singh Solanki (MeDeVision National Convenor) request all of you to please sign this petition. With this petition to Hon'ble Health Minister, we want to  raise some issues regarding a notification of advertisement for NEETPG 2022 issued by NBE. According to which exam is scheduled to happen on 12th March 2022 & eligibility criteria of Internship competition to appear in exam is kept 31st may 2022. As NEET PG 2021 counselling got delayed and started now 4 months after result. It

Created: 2022-02-03 Statistics

Petition to take legal action for defaming women by Natraj Master Alias Natraj Kasturi

Natraj Kasturi alias master has been a live participant on BiggBoss Non-stop show hosted by Hotstar and Star TV India Private Limited. During his live telecast, he has abused women calling them different animal names, body-shamed women based on appearances and insulting them and emotionally torturing them in the pretext of getting angry and losing control. He continues to do so even after coming out in various television platforms with derogatory remarks against women and their families. Kindly

Created: 2022-05-19 Statistics

Asansol Polytechnic Alumni Association (APTAA) must get a NOC from it's College.

Alumni of Asansol Polytechnic decided to get organised to help all students of Asansol Polytechnic in terms of Job,  Training,  Career Grooming,  Helping poor students To unite all alumni together and keep attachment of everyone's college life emotions. But College authorities are not issuing the NOC which is mandatory under West Bengal Society Registration Act.  We all have to raise our voice in support of importancy of this alumni association to stand besides the unemployed pass out students a

Created: 2022-02-12 Statistics


An Appeal to Minister of Immigration, Honable Marco Mendicino, IRCC, Canada High Commissions & Visa Offices across the globe to expedite and prioritize Spouse Open Work Permit Applications under Family Reunification objectives of IRPA. On behalf of all Canada Spouse Open Work Permit Applicants and their families from India and across the globe who have an active Spouse Open Work Permit on which decision has not yet been rendered because of procedural delays at Canada High Commission & Vi

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Lift ban on charter flights between India and Australia

Currently, over 3000 People of Indian Origin are stranded in India, with no viable flight options back to Australia. Gaura Travel has organised over 100 charter flights, reuniting 20,000 passengers during this time of crisis. But the Indian Government's ban on charter flights has made it impossible for us to operate charter flights and bring back passengers from India to Australia. The news that the Indian Government banned the operation of charter flights came as a shock to us, forcing us to c

Created: 2022-01-03 Statistics

Protest against CET decision favouring repeaters

Hi all, With regard to the decision taken by the high court which is favouring the repeaters,( the high court has told KEA to consider 50% board marks for the repeaters) and considering that most of the state board students are from state board and got their board marks without writing any sort of written exam it will significantly effect all the freshers CET rankings.    Requesting all the freshers to gather for a peaceful protest on Tuesday, the 6th of September,2022 at the KEA office Malleswa

Created: 2022-09-03 Statistics