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cancel board exams... health first before anything

this is not a joke it’s a serious concern if anyone goes through it or dies..will the government be responsible for it ?or will those type of students who are telling to conduct board exams will be responsible?will they bring back the individual? Boards are important but your health is more important no one would like to spread corona virus in their families or among their friends. some may not have that much immunity to face the second wave of covid as we are just teens.. and playing with the h

Created: 2021-04-12 Statistics


Dear madam/sir We hereby the students forum of various ISC schools would like to put forward request for the oncoming ISC practicals exams which are scheduled in this month .  Many schools had their practical sessions once or twice and it is not possible for a board students to give thei practical exams with such lack of preparations . Many schools have cancelled their practice pratical sessions keeping in mind students' safety but the same schools are conducting the ISC practicals within a week

Created: 2021-04-04 Statistics

Online supplementary

Hi, I'm a final year student in Mount Carmel College.  MCC has decided on conducting Supplymentary exams for the 2017 batch offline.  During this time, I'm not sure if I can attend offline exams because everything is very uncertain and my parents will not allow me to travel during these times. There's a lot of risk involved in travelling during these times, as you're already aware of.  I don't want to be a carrier of this virus and bring it back home to my parents, after staying so carefully ins

Created: 2020-10-28 Statistics

End Republic TV

Various, still ethical journalists from Arnab Goswami's Republic TV made public statements about their resignation dude to the practice of UNETHICAL JOURNALISM.  Sign this petetion to boycott Republic TV and Arnab Goswami. End unethical and toxic "journalism" 

Created: 2020-09-08 Statistics

Justice For Non Fees Paid Arrear Student(Anna University)

Requesting The Anna university to Give another chance to Arrear Students who Failed to pay the Exam fees..Old Consider this..

Created: 2020-08-28 Statistics

CBI enquiry in Actor Sushanth's death in Mumbai and police collided with accused and scrapping evidence

Mumbai Police not registered FIR in Actor Sushanth's death and Disha's death interlinked and trying to save accused. Many deaths of Actors and middle class persons had taken place but shown as if it was suicide. The matter is not alone for one, but also for all middle class persons who are suffering with high handed influenced persons. Now the time has come to send messages to all by signing this petition till it reaches Prime Minister of India for appropriate action. 

Created: 2020-08-14 Statistics

Cancel board exams 2021 India

As we all know following the tragedies caused by the pandemic in the previous year, India has taken a major slump economically. Even though there is a surge of covid in the country, the government hasn't taken any measure to cancel the board exams. It is very dissappointing that even in such circumstances a students marks and grades are valued more than their lives.  To make things clear, here are the problems, which we students have faced throughout the pandemic: 1. Half of the year was wasted

Created: 2021-05-03 Statistics

Cancel internship extensions

To whomsoever concerned In this present crucial situation of this COVID19 pandemic we are no longer able to go for internship as in a continuous manner due to unavailability of transportation & occasional lockdowns.As interns we are always prone to COVID19 pandemic due to direct exposure to the patients. Although this situation is quite riskier,unfair & troublesome in all manners including transportation as well as being at hostel You may also know that this corona pandemic has affected

Created: 2020-09-10 Statistics

Focus on +3, 1st yr students

  We, the undersigned, are writing this petition in a hope to get recognised by all the higher officials of the Education department as well as our esteemed College. The reason for writing this petition is the complete ignorance of the 1st year UG students in every discussion or decision made or announced by the higher officials. We would like to bring to your kind attention that the 1st year UG students are in thier academic session from last one and a half year and we are neither having any ex

Created: 2021-07-24 Statistics

Prevent Felling of trees in Singanayakanahalli

Development Projects are very important for the infrastructural development of the nation and also benefit the people residing in the society. These development projects show up in the form of flyovers,dams,bridges etc,offlate we have noticed that ecosystem is sacrificed in the pretext of developing a nation. One of the most recent such projects is the development of the Singanayakanhalli lake and the Yelahanka Hobli which comes under the Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project. As a notification publish

Created: 2021-06-19 Statistics