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Protest against odd sem cancellation

Pls sign this petition if and only you are ready to protest

Created: 2021-07-18 Statistics


Mangroves are salt-tolerant plants of tropical and subtropical intertidal regions of the world. The specific regions where these plants occur are termed as 'mangrove ecosystem'. These are highly productive but extremely sensitive and fragile. It is said about the mangroves that they are living life on the edge, with one foot on land and one in the sea. . Yet they are tenacious and very useful for the environment.The petition seeks a declaration that the areas covered by mangroves in the State of

Created: 2021-03-03 Statistics

Online Exams for Medical Students

SC's decision on conduction of final year examination has arrived. Even though a lot of students were disagreeing and were against the conduction of exams, it is clear that exams will be conducted by the end of September 30,2020. Putting in vision all kinds of situations this is a petition, a proposal that must reach out to government. That online exams should be conducted rather than offline exams. There are a number reasons for putting out this request: students live somewhere else and college

Created: 2020-08-28 Statistics

Reduce class timings for sishya students

Respected Principal of Sishya, online classes have been hard on us students for the past year. We have been missing out on a lot of sleep due to which sitting in front of a screen has resulted in a lot headache, eyestrain etc. We sincerely hope you would take it in the best of our interests and reduce class timings for online classes from 9-2 to 8-12. This would really benefit a lot of students. Thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon.

Created: 2021-06-21 Statistics

LAWYERS OF INDIA AGAINST 'DISMANTLE GLOBLE HINDUTVA' EVENT. A petition written to global universities in protest of sponsoring hinduphobic event.

Dear University Administrators, 1.    We are writing this letter to express our deep concern and anguish about an event titled ‘dismantling global Hindutva’ (DGH) which is to be organised from 10 to 12 September 2021. 2.    As per the information circulating all around the internet through the website of DGH, social media profiles on Twitter , Instagram of DGH and promotional brochure circulated by DGH, it has been claimed by the organisers of this event that, the event has been sponsored by the

Created: 2021-08-25 Statistics

Online examinations to be happened

To: Dr. Monika Goel (Dean,Fcbs)        Dr. R.K.Arora (Registrar)   We the students to Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and studies have been summoned to give the final examinations through the off line mode, even in the scenario of devastating rise in the Covid cases. As we all know this is hazardous for all the Students as well as Faculty members. We humbly request the authority to kindly listen to our issue which majorly ask for concern. Thank you

Created: 2021-04-06 Statistics

Silvia Talukdar

Respected sir/ ma'am,We all the students of NBU i.e. 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year , Department of law, University of North Bengal, are writing you this application regarding the fee structure presented to us on 13th of October, 2020. We are in a great shock to see sudden admission fee notice with vast increase in the fees structure. As we all are aware of the pandemic situation we are in, since so long and we even didn't have proper classes for the previous semester.It is very diffi

Created: 2020-10-14 Statistics

Requesting for the Shutdown of online classes for a week

This is a petition to inform the management of KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY that we , the student community of the college have become very tired of attending the continuous online classes . So we are kindly requesting the management to grant us a week's holiday to reduce the stress of students during this pandemic days..

Created: 2020-09-29 Statistics

To conduct Online exam

Dear All, This petition is on behalf of all the students of IGNOU university across India. During these unprecedented times, amid COVID-19, all the students have been dealing with a new method of study, something which was not very common in our country before. But both students and teachers have embraced this idea of online studying despite a few difficulties initially. Overall, there has been a positive impact and a new learning experience for every person engaged in the educational sector. St

Created: 2020-09-13 Statistics

Plight of Doctors

We the students of RAC Bareilly bach 2014 are going through immense mental trauma and we feel helpless as in spite of everything we could do to fulfill our dream to serve humanity as doctors we are stuck in the cobweb. We had completed our internship in the month of March itself but in spite of registering on the website of the Board for a permanent registration number, we were denied the permanent registration number as we were informed that our University is not registered in CCIM. We have don

Created: 2021-05-05 Statistics