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#justiceformanishavalmiki #justiceforbalrampur

Justice for manisha valmiki yahan hathras ki beti ka shav nahi bharat jal raha hain sab jante hain saboot mitane k liye manisha valmiki ko raat ke andhere main jala diya aur sath main uski medical report main bhi kuch rape ka nahi aaya aap sochiye itne buri halat is bachhi ki khud ho gai main bhi valmiki samaj ki ladki hun aur main chahti hun rape ki sabhi bchiyo ko insaaaf mile  Yahan police ne saare saboot mita diye aur us ldki ke ghar jaa kar apna bayan badalne ki dhamki de rhe hain hume chah

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Dear Sir/Ma'am,      Dear Sir/Ma'am, Reference to above mentioned subject matter, we (The cluster of Parents from Std. 1st to 10th of ICSC & CBSC) would like to humbly submit our request to reduce the fees of your estimated school by 50% for academic year 2020-21 towards our ward, the prospect and request is  purely on the basis of current Pandemic/Covid19 situation. Kindly go through the below mentioned points for notion. 1.      Due to the impact of Corona virus and lockdown measures, our

Created: 2020-08-04 Statistics

NEET MDS 2021 Counselling

 NEET MDS 2021 exam was conducted on December 16, 2020. The result of NEET MDS was declared on December 31, 2020. Its been 5 months since the candidates have  eagerly waited for the counselling process to begin we know Covid 19 pandemic has griped the nation but its not appropriate to stop the counselling indefinitely and put our lives and all our hardwork to be wasted .  It has taken a lot of focus, dedication, and appropriate preparation for giving the exam waiting for another 4 months would w

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Extension of deadline for offline mode/ Exams to be conducted online for final year students of UOM

In view of Karnataka’s position in the country with respect to the pandemic, this petition is to urge the University of Mysore to conduct the examinations online or extend the deadline as offline mode of examination now, poses threat to the lives students and their families.

Created: 2020-08-28 Statistics

Conduct the 2021 examination online of thapar polytechnic College patiala

Sir , please it's a humble request to take the examination of thapar polytechnic students online as because the classes were taken online so the papers must be in the same way and  there are students who live far away from college and can't come to appear in examination as because of traveling problems and because of covid-19 parents are also scared of this pandemic situation and there is no clue for vaccine right now. So we all are requesting psbte to change the decision of conducting the exami

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BTS come to Kolkata!!!

A very warm welcome to all my dearest ARMY friends.. BTS has amassed a huge popularity in India and has been inspiring us for years with their amazing works. It is an ardent desire of so so many armys to attend a BTS concert. We definitely want, or rather need India to be included by BigHit in the list of countries for their World Tour and hope that they come perform in Kolkata as well as the North East cause we often get excluded for a lot of concerts, especially Kolkata and we really want to m

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Mandays policy amendment for work from home

In regards to, our management has failed to provide us a valid reply for the question we have asked about working daysWe need 5 days working as told by the HR when we got selected and agreed to join in the first place .We are facing trouble accepting this sudden change in the policy to work for 6 days because many things are changing with it( like some used to study or do some productive things other than the job they have in their 4 woffs a month)Despite our salaries being appraised only work i

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Waste management has always been a concern in India. Even though a lot of people have started practicing waste management through the segregation of waste (as biodegradable and non-biodegradable) in their household, but in the end, all of it goes in vain because there is no segregation at the last step of waste disposal which takes place at the landfill site or a garbage dump. We want to bring a change by starting a petition to ensure proper waste disposal through the segregation of recyclable a

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Extension of deadline for offline mode/ Exams to be conducted online for final year students of Karnataka

In view of Karnataka’s position in the country with respect to the pandemic, this petition is to urge the Government of Karnataka Department of Higher Education to conduct the examinations online obliging UGC’s guidelines or extend the deadline, as offline mode of examination now, poses threat to the lives of thousands of students and their families.

Created: 2020-08-28 Statistics

similar dates for ssc je

Respected Sir/Madam,  We are aspirants of SSC JUNIOR ENGINEER-2019. SSC JE 2019 was scheduled to be conducted from 27/10/2020 to 30/10/2020.But SSC released a new notification on 7/10/2020 in which new schedule was released.  According to the new schedule examinations of the students who have opted their examination centres in Bihar will be conducted on 11/12/2020. Thus the students having their examination centre in  Bihar will get 40-45 days extra from other aspirants. Here are some issues whi

Created: 2020-10-16 Statistics