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Commit to teaching the elderly about the modern society and technology

In these unprecedented times, our senior citizens have quite literally been shut down from the rest of the world. Interviewing an expert made us realise that as citizens, we must teach our elders about the basics of technology, something the modern society is incomplete without.

Created: 2021-08-21 Statistics

Recognition of Head and Co-Head Coordinators of Industrial Liaison Cell, NIFFT 2022.

I hereby declare that I as an ILC coordinator, recognize the following members as the Head and Co-Head Coordinators of Industrial Liaison Cell, 2022 for their respective branches. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Head Coordinator: VISHAL SRIVASTAVA Co-Head Coordinator: ABHISHEK RANJAN Manufacturing Engineering Head Coordinator: PARTH CHAKRABORTY Co-Head Coordinator: SHUBHAM KUMAR I am having complete trust in the above members and thereby accept them.

Created: 2021-08-15 Statistics


  RakshaBandhan is a popular Hindu festival, celebrated with immense joy and happiness. It celebrates a special relationship between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie a thread (Rakhi) on her brother's wrist and pray for his long and prosperous life. But on this auspicious day, many lives are lost. Y'all know why. People take great joy in flying kites as its super fun for them, you know. Amid the celebrations, we completely ignore the danger it causes. The sharp kite threads called manjha are rea

Created: 2021-08-29 Statistics

Namo to come Live on OCT 2nd and take serious action on RAPISTS

Hey I need your help in reach out modi there,why are we silent even after seeing many rape being done in India what is the punishment is given for the RAPISTS just to be in the prison and then get released,Maybe some girls are taking advantage of these issues but what about the little ones who is not even knowing the meaning of rape is being raped...      So Atleast for the sake of saving the life's of those Little Girls Modi Sir has to take a very serious action against RAPISTS, Why can't gover

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics


Postponement of NEET is not a good idea as it might get delayed to 3 months more if by any chance the third wave strikes up... P/s one who does not wish to study will not study even if there is any delay... Guys do you really wanna grow old before you appear for the exam????  

Created: 2021-09-04 Statistics

Change the spelling of Knife to Nife

It is morally and grammatically wrong to unecessarily add an k to the word nife, it just makes less sense. In reality does anyone really pronounce the k, no, and the higher order english scientists say it is silent, if it is silent why is it there. Can I add a k to nails and say k is silent, obviously thats stupid so its only common sense that the k be removed from nife.

Created: 2021-08-31 Statistics

For rechecking of MBBS 2019 1st university examination copy.

447 students of 2019(covid) batch had been failed out of 1172 , due to previous pattern mind set of Proffesor , due to which we students facing a depressed time. We had given exam in patna under one building during 2nd wave of covid-19 , and our result has been announced after 6 month. Our 2nd year time which is of 11 month is lapsed. Then when will we give 2nd year exam and study the 2nd year course.  We only request to the Hornable court , please give permission to ARYABHATT KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSI

Created: 2021-09-05 Statistics


Say no for girls forced marriages Many girls are forced to do marriage leaving their dreams behind This may be your situation tomorrow  So start fighting against the forced marriages by parents relatives and whoever forces u I'm just 19 My parents have fixed my marriage in April after me saying yes for the marriage  But now,  it's been 5 months when i look back i just have my 18 years of life just with  2 papers with government stamp one is the 10th SSC and the other is the INTERMEDIATE certific

Created: 2021-09-08 Statistics

Re opening of campus . Offline classes are a must for the students.

We need offline classes since it is really important for the practical classes. Most of the students who are sincere enough are facing problems as of now due to online classes . We also need to use the equipments in order to understand their functioning and proper instructions for the proper understanding of the subjects. We have signed off this petition so that we can raise our voice for the opening of college.

Created: 2021-09-12 Statistics

Petition for not delayinNeet ug 2021 exam as delay of exam is creating frustration among students.

If Neet 2021.exam will be further delayed. It will create frustration among students who are preparing for exam and their family members. Students will suffer from mental depression. There will be loss of one year of students which will be great loss. Of students through out their lifeThere will be a great loss of this event to the society as there  is already scarecity of doctors. In society. If exam will be delayed ,the students will not be able to. Complete their degree. In time anf in future

Created: 2021-09-01 Statistics