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Opening of college in covid timea

As per notice of University of Delhi they are willing to open the colleges from 16th of August in these hard covid times and almost definite third wave of covid. This could be life threatening to the students. We should stand against this because online classes are going smoothly and there is no requirement of physical attendance at this dangerous time when third wave is alarming the country. I request you to kindly sign this petition. 

Created: 2021-08-06 Statistics


Postponement of NEET is not a good idea as it might get delayed to 3 months more if by any chance the third wave strikes up... P/s one who does not wish to study will not study even if there is any delay... Guys do you really wanna grow old before you appear for the exam????  

Created: 2021-09-04 Statistics

Change the spelling of Knife to Nife

It is morally and grammatically wrong to unecessarily add an k to the word nife, it just makes less sense. In reality does anyone really pronounce the k, no, and the higher order english scientists say it is silent, if it is silent why is it there. Can I add a k to nails and say k is silent, obviously thats stupid so its only common sense that the k be removed from nife.

Created: 2021-08-31 Statistics

About timetable

According to timetable Leelavathi mam has two classes per week but she has increased the class for one more day, this is not acceptable by us. She has class on Friday and Saturday but now she is taking the class on Thursday also and we can't afford the internet for class daily 2GB of data is not enough for the class. So please take the action on this.

Created: 2021-08-12 Statistics

Re opening of campus . Offline classes are a must for the students.

We need offline classes since it is really important for the practical classes. Most of the students who are sincere enough are facing problems as of now due to online classes . We also need to use the equipments in order to understand their functioning and proper instructions for the proper understanding of the subjects. We have signed off this petition so that we can raise our voice for the opening of college.

Created: 2021-09-12 Statistics

Don't Take Inter First Year Exam

As a honor aspirant of Neet, Jee, Aiims and over all exams. Its utterly impossible and shocking to rewind and write the first year exam. We will anyways be writing the second year exam with inclusive of 11th knowledge. Is that not enough for proving the modesty. By taking exams it's a great pressure to cope up 11th and 12ty together along with coaching part. DONT TAKE INTER FIRST YEAR EXAMS. Even 10th and 12th graders are prompted without exams why not 11th?! Signup Protest..

Created: 2021-08-30 Statistics

Unban TikTok in India

Taylor Swift just joined TikTok and she's active there. She replies to some comments and even posts. Indian swifties can't see these because the government has banned TikTok in our country. We want them to unban it so we can see it all happen <3

Created: 2021-08-23 Statistics

Free Hindu Temples In India

At present, various state governments of India manage the administration of thousands of Hindu temples, both small and large. No such practice exists anywhere among secular democracies. Even in India, Muslim and Christian places of worship are exempt from government control. Every Hindu is likely to get a decent religious education, better facilities, better treatment and improved services if the temples are managed by the local Hindu communities where they exist. There is a long list of undesir

Created: 2018-04-30 Statistics


We the citizens of India Humbly pray the Honorable Chief Justice of India to intervene in the issue concerned with the continuous fuel price hike. As both the Union Government and almost all states are not willing to part the proportionate increase in taxes to the customers and as the petroleum products has become an essential commodity in the middle class and lower middle class due to non availably of public transport due to Covid Pandemic. two wheeler sale had gone up considerably in last one

Created: 2021-08-27 Statistics

Monkey menace in Sector-56, Huda Plots, Gurgaon.

STOP THIS MONKEY MENACE    I request all the residents of Huda Plots Sector-56, Gurgaon to sign this petition so that we can raise our voice against this monkey menace so that MCG or Government Department should take some ascertive action immediately to avoid any mishap .

Created: 2021-08-27 Statistics