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Petition for online conduction of exams in Patkar-Varde College

With the pandemic, a lot of things have changed. Students have been subjected to two years of online exams, which mainly consisted of objective questions. Now to suddenly shift to descriptive answers is tough, especially with less than a month of preparation. The bigger issue though is the competition we'll face with other students (giving online exams) when applying for further education as they will inevitably score far better than us. This may hinder our chances of securing admission in a rep

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Promote Greener Cars

Dear All,   This is a petition I, a student of grade 8 has created in order to raise awareness for car pollution. In fact, the SINGLE MOST issue that is contrbuting heavily to climate change, and due to which we may never be able to even live to see our next generation prosper is infact Car Pollution. With over 2.3 million deaths in India and currently 13 deaths per minute! Should we not bring a change in this? Should we not convice our government to help check every car, make it greener and sus

Created: 2022-06-05 Statistics

Lets get Tashi married!

Hi,My sister agreed on getting married if I got 10,000 people to sign a petition for it. It's my one and only chance to dance like a fuljhadi at someone's sangeet and make my Instagram more aesthetic. Plims help

Created: 2022-01-31 Statistics

Justice for my brother Naveen Verma brutally murdered by BJP member Tinku Bhargav

Hello friends, My name is kamini Verma I am from Agra and he was my big brother Naveen Verma who was brutally murdered by BJP member Tinku Bhargav on the night of 4th August. they know each other since 5 years. he keeps coming to my home randomly and Tinku offered govt job in PWD department and saying that I have bulk of sources but his all promises was fake.We need Justice for my brother Naveen Verma. my brother left behind his wife and two children, our family is shattered now and we want just

Created: 2022-08-09 Statistics


Dear Authorities at BPIT, We understudies of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology request you to direct our midsem tests for first year batch(2021-2025) in web-based mode as the classes for these specific subjects have likewise been in web-based mode as it were. Understudies have been getting ready for online objective tests rather offline subjective.Every student is in a lot of strain because of preparing for exams and presently attending web-based classes. Likewise there are a ton of unde

Created: 2022-02-08 Statistics


Warm greetings from IMBALA FOUNDATION! Our foundation aspires the youth to be able to utilize their ability and potential to the fullest by making their educational knowledge bring into practice. Our focus is mainly on the contemporary issues we face in daily life in terms of elections, gender equality, climate change. As a foundation organised by volunteers of students, we tend to leisurely pace on with our project. Our first project is based on Free and Fair Election. Through this, we urge to

Created: 2022-01-25 Statistics

Stand for Alumni Association of Asansol Polytechnic.

We are going to form an Alumni Association of Asansol Polytechnic with a Transperant, Worthy and Presentable committee. The name of the forum is AAAP (Alumni Association of Asansol Polytechnic). We request everyone to please stand with us to glorify our prestigious college, Asansol Polytechnic. 

Created: 2022-02-20 Statistics

I.C.C.R. Trivandrum Office Must Stay!!!

Kind attention:   Kumar Tuhin, Director General, ICCR New Delhi    Respected DG, ICCR Sir,   Namaste!   It has been brought to the attention of we the international students of ICCR, studying in Kerala under various scholarship schemes, via email dated 19th May 2022, that the ICCR office in Trivandrum is about to be shut down with all further communications transferred to the ICCR office Bangalore from 01st July 2022. We the majority of international students are of the belief that it is an inse

Created: 2022-06-01 Statistics

Online or offline classes

Due to the rise in temperature of delhi with the class strength of more than 90 , creates a lot of uneasiness. We don't have proper access to clean drinking water which makes us feel dehydrated. The summer breaks which had been previously provided to the batches , but we dont have an access for the same . So online classes can be a great alternative. 

Created: 2022-05-22 Statistics

Standard Maths Paper Wrongly Evaluated

This petition is created to help students of Class 10, who gave their CBSE board Term-1 exams in Nov-Dec 2021. We are the students of Fatima Sr. Sec. School (70475), Gonda, UP, 271001 and our exam centre was Kendriya Vidyalaya (847197), Gonda, UP, 271002. After knowing resuts, we have came to this outcome and doubt that our "Maths Standard" OMR is not checked accordingly with the actual and corrct Answer Key. We have rechecked our mistakes but our score in maths standard is far more than what it

Created: 2022-03-15 Statistics