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Access to our answer sheets.

Examinations are meant to test our knowledge, our understanding of the subject and our problem solving capacity. When students don't get their answer sheets after they've been checked, we are unable to identify areas of our improvement and also our ability to fix those kinds of mistakes in next exams. Thus, we ask for access to our answer sheets to let us improve and help us get a clear understanding of the subject.

Created: 2022-07-29 Statistics

We want saloni ma'am back!

Ryanites!!!!! We want saloni ma'am back! As we know she is the best teacher!!!! But due to HM Mrs. Jayshree she scolded her for no reason! As a normal person anyone could have get offended!! Same happened with saloni ma'am!! We request saloni ma'am to not to leave as she is the best teacher we know!!!!! 

Created: 2022-07-22 Statistics

Today Green is always Green.

We need to protect our earth and save it for the future Generation.We need to practice sustainable development and create an awareness for greener India. Let us pledge to do lit bit from our own house to reduce the risk to the environmental problems.

Created: 2022-06-13 Statistics

Please cancel our offline exam now.

From ST. Thomas High School I am reading in class IX  From the 1 March our school has decided to take offline examination and they give the notice so lately . From our class no one is prepared for this exam because we don't get more times to complete our chapters and also few teachers are adding chapters in front of our exam so it is currently impossible to remember those chapters now . So it's a big request that please cancel our examination in offline formation . But from class 10 onwards take

Created: 2022-02-27 Statistics

We are against the advance fees of Even semester of our College and Hostel.

We, the students of Mewat Engineering College, wants to say that we are currently in Odd semester i.e 3rd, 5th and 7th Semesters. Our odd semester exam is scheduled to be commencing from 15th February, 2022. We all have already paid our odd semester fees to our college. But our college has suddenly released a notice in which they are asking us to pay the fees of Even Semester i.e 4th, 6th and 8th semester which haven't been started yet, else they will not allow us to appear in the odd semester e

Created: 2022-02-04 Statistics

Let Qantas flights operate between Australia and India

There are very limited flights operating between Australia & India. More than 5000 people are stranded in India needing to return to Australia and many more are looking for flights to travel from Australia to India.This impacts families, students, PR holders and their parents, Australian Indian residents and more.We raise this petition to respectfully request the Government of India to lift the travel restrictions to and from Australia, allowing Qantas to serve the thousands stuck between I

Created: 2022-01-18 Statistics

a petition to ban fishes permanently

I would like to ban fishes as they do not have eyelids , I strongly feel this would be better for everyones mental health as fishes are just not the vibe

Created: 2021-03-28 Statistics


I would like to express my feelings regarding the INDIAN OSCAR entry movie for this year and we all are hoping that RRR shall get the chance at the academy and it would make us feel proud but unfortunately it did not happen so i request everyone to raise their voice and show their concern regarding RRR

Created: 2022-09-20 Statistics

Iam a fresher i support freshers

We have put our efforts to write our exams we need justice . About 2000 students have scored 600/600 last year but in our batch the highest score is 598 we need to raise our voice .I support freshers and we need to join our hands

Created: 2022-09-04 Statistics

Result declaration on time

Hi!! Since we all as the students of Third year ( B.A Programme )  NCWEB..Our exams were conducted early and the results have not been declared till date which is ruining the future and further studies of the students and the forms for the SOL and other admissions have been closed, if we go for merit base..We have also heard about the incorrect results of the DU SOL students..Also no college, no staff is helping us for the same and we're feeling helpless at the moment.. We're unable to get the c

Created: 2022-09-01 Statistics