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Z Library has been the most crucial element of the lives of students and readers alike ; it has been a home to countless people who have been unable to buy books , or find some specific ones - Z Library was the solution , to ALL the books . But suddenly , the government has decided to BAN Z Library , and we can no longer access it !! We need to bring back Z Library !!!! Sign this petition 

Created: 2022-08-14 Statistics

Frequent Exam is Just a Burden

Hey, I am a Student of class 8, currently in Radiant International School, Patna. I am here to discuss with you about frequent exam, how would you feel if one exam ends or more precisely one phase ends and after 1 week another phase starts. You will definately feel irritated! That's what happening with students of our school, School management conducts one subject exam a week, They thinks that this make our life easy but it's not the truth. Few students thought about frequent exam of class 8, *

Created: 2022-07-18 Statistics

Petition for school to give students from 9th-12th holidays as well

Please sign this to baksho the students of class 9th-12th from the scorching heat of this city. we need a break 😊🙏

Created: 2022-05-16 Statistics

Petition: To change the word "Dead" to "Vineet"!

This is a petition  to Oxford  , Cambridge  and all the renowned  organizations  which have there own dictionaries to officially  change the word "Dead" to "Vineet " , bring change for a better and sustainable  future, #UNO #UNESCO #OXFORD #CAMBRIDGE    Spread the word:)

Created: 2022-04-23 Statistics


War is not a solution.War is anti-human activity.War is destructive.War is cruelty.War is suppressing others.War is against human rights.War is inequality.War is worst. War is a source of problems not just for the present generation but also for the future.War is against environmental dimensions.War is the loss of the human race.War is the loss of people's heritage.War is the loss of civilization.War is against the principles of UN and sustainable development principles.War is deception. War is

Created: 2022-03-29 Statistics

We have to save Indian Democracy, BAN EVM Permanently forever.

technology science, development everything good but not at cost of our freedom, democracy, constitution, let's talk about India from 2014 election onwards, When Narendra modi came to power and became PM of India, things changed completely India started to get on path of Hindutva, ideology which BJP promotes and embraces, you have an ideology that's fine but with that ideology started, hate, abuse, divide, violence in society, Minorities are intently and oftenly targeted in media, print, those wh

Created: 2022-03-26 Statistics


COVID WARRIORS DYING (For Not Securing the Job)  We Covid Warriors working in BBMP from past 2years in Many Primary Health Centers at Bangalore since Pandemic Arrived, We put our Life in risk to save the Community for their Sufferings during 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave were whole state was Quarantined, and we worked hard without any leaves In the Critical Situations, Also many warriors lost their Lives and Family members while performing Duty. Now when this Pandemic intense was reduced Government Star

Created: 2022-03-10 Statistics

Changing our science teacher back to Miss Kanchan

Dear parents and teachers,  This is regarding the change of our science teacher, All students absolutely adored the science subject and our teacher ms. Kanchan Negi. She is a chemistry teacher who had filled in the shoes of miss Nidhi while she was on maternity leave. During this time, we loved the subject with ms. Kanchan, made us do multiple experiments. Our interest in science was at its highest during this period. After ms. Nidhi's maternity leave ended, she came back to our class, now she t

Created: 2022-02-24 Statistics

Cancellation of term 2 board examination for class 10 2022

Cancellation of board examination term 2 ; 2022 for 10th standard is necessary due to the rising cases in our nation. Not only we are putting the student's physical presence at stake but their mental health aswell. If not cancellation, students must be given the options to opt for online mode according to their wishes. Young lives are at stake.

Created: 2022-01-27 Statistics

Heritage 2022 (Preboard) Offline to Online

To,The PrincipalHeritage ConventUripok Date: 15/01/2022 Subject: Request to conduct online examination Respected Sir/Madam,With due respect, I would like to inform you that on behalf of the number of cases Covid cases increasing rapidly from the last past days. We beg to state that our Preboard examination which is scheduled from 19th January 2022. The mode of the examination is offline as per the decision made by the school. Therefore, considering the rapid increasing of Covid Cases. We humbly

Created: 2022-01-16 Statistics